Dragon Warrior is an old school style of deck that has seen play off-and-on through the history of Hearthstone. While it hasn’t seen much play as of late, it is looking to make a jump back into the meta with the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion.

The archetype is getting a lot of support in the new expansion. It will get Dragon Roar, so you can get some hand refill if you are running out of value. Emberscale Drake, which is a solid sustain card that can gain you some armor. Smolderthorn Lancer, a solid removal, which is Execute but with a body attached to it. You also have the new Legendary, War Master Voone. This card can be played specifically when you have certain dragons, or it can just be played to help out-value your opponent.

Those are just strictly Warrior cards that the archetype is getting. We’re also getting Firetree Witchdoctor as a Neutral card, which allows for some flexibility and can get you a spell that will suit your matchup.

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