Control Warrior is one of the classic archetypes in Hearthstone. Once upon a time, it was known as “Wallet Warrior” because of how expensive it was (sometimes even over 10k Dust, which is actually not that much these days). The deck’s general game plan is to remove everything opponent plays while gaining a lot of Armor through Hero Power and other cards, and then win the game by dropping some high value minions. More recently, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius has became an alternative win condition, giving the deck basically everything in a single card (removal, Armor, value, tempo).

In Rise of Shadows, Bomb Warrior is a much more popular deck so far, but good old Control Warrior is also looking quite powerful. Thanks to Hecklebot, it’s now less vulnerable to combos, Omega Devastator is a really solid card that can be dropped on curve, but scales very well into the late game and Archivist Elysiana gives the deck a fatigue win condition.

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