Caverns of Time, Hearthstone’s First Straight-to-Wild Set, Has Been Released!

Good news Wild players! The first ever straight-to-Wild expansion, Caverns of Time, is out today. While the buffed old cards have been available since Patch 27.2 (August 22), today we got the 34 new cards. While it’s too early to say, some of them might have decent impact on the Wild meta. And maybe, more importantly, they should be very powerful in the upcoming Twist season called “Wonders”. It actually starts very soon (with the season reset tonight) and you can play cards from Legacy (old Classic + Basic) all the way to Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. New Caverns of Time cards will also be available.

As for the new Caverns of Time cards – there are two ways of getting them. You can either open them in the new Caverns of Time packs or craft them individually. They’re also added to the pool of cards from Wild card packs, but since those can have cards from ANY Wild expansion, your chances of getting CoT cards are pretty slim.

If you want to learn more about Caverns of Time and see a full list of cards, check out our guide here.


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