Balance Update 26.2.2 Teaser – 6 Buffs & 8 Nerfs in Constructed, Lots of Battlegrounds Changes – Releasing on Thursday

Just like we expected, Blizzard has posted a teaser of the upcoming balance update! In line with the previous teasers, they didn’t release full list of changes yet, just which cards (or BG minions/heroes) will be affected. We’ll have to wait for full patch notes, probably releasing an hour before the patch on Thursday.

If you haven’t read the news, Blizzard has also decided to postpone the upcoming Heroic Brawliseum by a week because of this balance update.

Since not every player knows every single card art by heart, here’s a full list of cards affected by the upcoming balance patch:



And here are the teaser images for Patch 26.2.2:


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