Sticky Situation Deathrattle Hunter (Season 40)

Class: Hunter - Format: Mammoth - Season: 40 - Style: Budget

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General Mulligans

Forlorn Stalker and Terrorscale Stalker are the centre of this deck, buffing your minions and utilizing their effect without them dying. 

Note on Moat Lurker: it can be used to your advantage by destroying a troublesome minion on the opponents side of the field (afterwards protect it) or destroying one of your minions to trigger their effect - eg: use Moat Lurker on Cairne Bloodhoof, its effect is triggered, use Moat Lurker to kill opponent's minions, when it dies Cairne Bloodhoof returns.

Wanted to create a different viable Hunter deck rather than Midrange Hunter. As its name, this deck focuses on the Deathrattle mechanism. It’s very fun to play and not as straight-forward as other Hunter decks. 

(I know I could’ve put N’Zoth  or Spiritsinger Umbra in the deck but I don’t have them, so didn’t put them in the list – this is the deck I play – but if you have them you easily put them instead of Tracking).

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