Quest Druid (super fun!) 70% win rate to rank 5

Class: Druid - Format: Mammoth - Type: Tempo - Season: 42 - Style: Ladder

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General Mulligans

Mulligan for wild growth, jungle giants, innervate, mire keeper, and elder longneck.  Secondary is nourish and shell shifter if you have ramp, doomsayer vs aggro classes, Harrison jones and swipe vs warrior.  Also consider stranglethorn tiger if you have the right curve.  Wrath is good vs mage, paladin, Druid and maybe warrior.

Got to rank 4 with this deck only 10 days in the season. It has potential to go to legend with a fun deck!    Ideally you quest turn 1, wild growth turn 2, mire keeper turn 3, dark arakkoa or tiger or shell shifter turn 4, if you have a beast stick (which should with stealth), copy menagerie warden on next two turns and quest completed. Then get Barnabus out and nourish for free minions. You can also copy Barnabus with menagerie warden for a big swing. Ultimate infestation when Barnabus is out is huge swings. Get a zero cost kun the forgotten king can lead to 10 free mana crystals for even bigger swings!  Doomsayers are used for anti aggro or help clear boards for your strong minions to take the board. Once that happens a lot of face damage and sometimes letting them trade into your minions results in this deck being tempo style rather than control style. Druid nerfs shouldn’t affect this deck except maybe innervate. Have fun!

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