Blood Mage Tavern Brawl Animated Armor/Violet Illusionist Mage

This is an early build and could probably use some refinement.

Look for card draw and value spells in your mulligan: Arcane Intellect, Unstable Portal, Cabalist's Tome, and Firelands Portal. You want to kind of cycle through your deck and end up with either Violet Illusionist or Animated Armor. Try to avoid using too many of the high cost spells unless you have one of these minions on the board. Don’t just tempo these cards out, you should try to make sure you have something like Cabalist’s Tome or other powerful spells before putting something on the board. Keep in mind that you can’t play a spell if you don’t have enough health, regardless of if you have Violet Illusionist or Animated Armor on the board!

You could add Archmage Antonidas to this deck which would lead to infinite damage with Violet Illusionist. The reason I didn’t do that is because most games aren’t going to last that long, and it would be difficult to get them both on the board at the same time.

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Dust Cost: 2,800
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