BlizzCon Top-8 Hearthstone World Championships Deck Lists & Information

BlizzCon is coming and we’re down to 8 players for the Hearthstone World Championships for 2016. And before you ask, yes these are different decks. The players were allowed to change and alter their decks after the group stage!

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Here are the deck lists from the group stage: Hearthstone World Championships 2016 Group Stage

Deck Changes

Overall there was a drastic drop in Hunter, while there’s been a resurgence in Warlock Zoo.

  • The biggest and most interesting change was HOTMeowth was switching his C’Thun Warrior to BLOOD WARRIOR!
  • HOTMeowth also switched his Secret Face Hunter to Warlock Zoo.
  • JasonZhou changed his N’Zoth Warrior to a Dragon Warrior.
  • Hamster stuck with the same group of classes, still the only one bringing Priest and Paladin.
  • DrHippi swapped his Control Warrior for Dragon Warrior, and switched his Hunter for Zoo.
  • Cydonia switched out the C’Thun Warrior for N’Zoth Warrior.
  • Che0nsu decided to bring Tempo Mage instead of Midrange Secret Hunter.
  • Amnesiac cut his Warrior list in favor of Zoo, and changed his Aggro Secret Hunter list for a Midrange version.

Deck lists are after the jump!

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BlizzCon Top-8 Hearthstone World Championship Deck Lists

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