Whizbang’s Heroes Twist Updates – June 7 Health Changes

Quite unexpectedly, a second wave of Hero Health changes in Twist has dropped yesterday. “Unexpectedly” because we already had one on Monday and they were meant to drop weekly. But the more changes the better!

Just like previously, the best-performing Heroes got small nerfs while the worst-performing ones got small buffs. I’m saying small, but one of them is not exactly small – C’thun was BY FAR the weakest Hero out of the bunch, and he got a whooping +35 HP buff (from 45 all the way to 80). Interestingly enough, it’s still not enough to break the 50% win rate barrier, but he seems to be more in line with other weak Heroes now (previously had a 10%+ win rate disadvantage compared to the second-worst Hero).

Keep in mind that HP adjustments is all they can do in hotfix patches – we’ll get a proper round of balance changes in a client patch later in the month.

You can check out all of the HP changes below:

Another Hero Health adjustment is rolling out now.

Hero Health Updates
Arfus: 25 → 20
Al’Akir the Windlord: 30 → 27
The Lich King: 30 → 27
Nozdormu: 35 → 32
C’Thun: 45 → 80
King Krush: 40 → 45
Arch-Villain Rafaam: 40 → 45
Xyrella: 30 → 33
Brann Bronzebeard: 35 → 38



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