Whizbang’s Heroes Twist Updates – July 9 Health Changes

Blizzard has rolled out another Health update for Twist Heroes. The second season of Whizbang’s Heroes is still pretty fresh, but some of the Heroes are clearly standing out and need to be toned down. In particular, Thorim was so good (and bugged) that he had to be temporarily banned from the format. The current plan is to bring him back in Patch 30.0 after a bug fix. On the other hand, we also have some less-than-perfect Heroes that could use a buff.

In the latest round of Health changes, we have nerfs to Halveria, Guff, Liadrin, Marin, Azshara, King Krush, N’Zoth, Illidan, and Xyrella. We also have buffs to Sargeras, Rafaam, Omu, Patches, Finley, Lich King and Nozdormu.

The current timeline for Twist Health updates is every Tuesday afternoon Pacific Time (unless something requires immediate attention, I assume). So we should expect the next round of HP tweaks on July 16.

Remember that HP adjustments are all they can do in server-side hotfix patches – changes to Hero Powers/Passives/decks can only happen in actual client patches.

You can check out all of the HP changes below:

July 9 Updates (Corrected)

Yesterday, Thorim was temporarily banned until Patch 30.0. Today, the following Health updates are going out:

Halveria Darkraven: 32 → 25
Guff Runetotem: 30 → 25
Lady Liadrin: 30 → 25
Marin the Manager: 30 → 25
Queen Azshara: 38 → 35
King Krush: 30 → 28
N’zoth, the Corruptor: 28 → 25
Sargeras, the Destroyer: 40 → 50
Arch-Villain Rafaam: 45 → 50
Forest Warden Omu: 45 → 50
Patches the Pirate: 40 → 45
Sir Finley Mrrrgglton: 40 → 45
The Lich King: 45 → 50
Nozdormu: 40 → 45
Illidan Stormraige: 40 → 35
Xyrella: 32 → 30



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  1. Sbud78
    July 10, 2024 at 10:48 pm

    I don’t think Halveria got updated. I got legend with 32 health playing against all the new 25s.