Two New Cards Added to Paladin’s Core Set, Auras Replace Secrets As A Part Of Paladin’s Class Identity

Big news were just shared during the CoinConcede’s Paladin reveals. It looks like we’re getting two extra Paladin cards added to the Core Set. They’re “Auras” and they work like the Fractured in Alterac Valley’s Objective cards.

Those cards are meant to be a new addition to Paladin’s class identity instead of Secrets (which were removed from the Core Set earlier this year). It makes a lot of sense if you ask me – Secrets in Paladin were always weird. It doesn’t mean that the class will lose access to the ones they have already (at least not yet), but it seems like Blizzard will no longer add new ones and focus on Auras instead as a class mechanic.

So far we have three Aura cards – one from TITANS expansion (Inventor's Aura) and two from Core Set (Crusader Aura, Resistance Aura). Core Set ones won’t replace any cards, they will be added on top of the existing ones.

Here are the two new cards added to the Core Set:



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  1. Inhiszton
    July 19, 2023 at 11:18 pm

    Dear Stonekeep, there was also a shop update on July 18, you can buy KelThuzad+card back for gold (and maybe other skins I already have).