“Twist – A New Age” In-Game Event Guide, How To Unlock All The Free Rewards

A new event system was introduced in Hearthstone a while back. Instead of doing them through regular Quests (usually chained together), we have a separate event UI with its own rewards track, unique quests, and so on. It’s a huge upgrade compared to what we previously had – it’s significantly more intuitive now.

A new event has just launched. It’s called “Twist – A New Age” and it lasts for 8 days (until July 11 at 10 AM PT / 19:00 CET). It means that you have plenty of time to complete enough tasks to get all of the new rewards.

This time the event is focused on the new game mode called Twist. Quests ask players to play it or finish certain tasks in that mode, while the rewards include card packs from expansions available in Twist. If you’re only playing Standard (or Battlegrounds for that matter) and you aren’t interested in older packs, you can probably ignore the event. I would still recommend doing it because it’s pretty simple and you might be interested in some other Twist format in the future. Or you can just disenchant the cards you get.

P.S. If you’re looking for Twist decks to finish the event Quests with, we’ve compiled a lot of decks from pro players & streamers here!

Rewards List

There are 3 different reward tiers:

  • 100 Event XP – 1x Ashes of Outland + 1x Scholomance Academy Card Packs
  • 500 Event XP -1x Madness at the Darkmoon Faire + 1x Forged in the Barrens Card Packs
  • 1000 Event XP – 1x United in Stormwind & 1x Fractured in Alterac Valley Card Packs

As you can see, you can earn six card packs in total as your rewards.

How To Unlock All Rewards

In order to unlock all 3 reward tiers, you need to get 1000 event XP. But how hard is that, exactly? How much do you need to play in order to do it?

The bulk of XP comes from Quest Chain you can see in the image above. The whole chain will give you 750 XP – which means that it will get you 75% of the way through. You need to get the rest of XP through different means. The chain is really simple, but it does require you to play Twist format. For the first two Quests you can play pretty much whatever, because you don’t need to actually win – but the last one you do. Still, winning a single game shouldn’t be a big problem. If you don’t know what to play, check out our list of Twist – New Age Deck Lists that players achieved good results (like high Legend ranks) with.

Keep in mind that you can’t finish the whole Quest chain on Day 1. You can only complete a single main Quest per day. So in the case of this event, the final quest will become available on Day 3 of the event at the earliest.

Another way to get event XP is Daily Event Quests. They are also quite easy to finish and each of them gives you 75 or 100 XP (let’s say 85 XP on average). You can reroll them once per day if you don’t like the one you got, but rerolling the higher XP ones will often (always?) give the lower XP one. It shouldn’t be a problem overall, but if you want to either finish it quickly or you started late, it’s better to not reroll anything and do the higher XP ones. Given that we’re only missing 250 XP, if you finish the main quest chain, you only need to complete three extra Daily Quests on average throughout the entire event (not counting XP from just playing the game – more about that later).

However, the chances are that you won’t need to complete all of the Quests listed above in order to finish the event. The reason is that if you’re an active player, you’re very likely to get a few hundred XP by just playing the game. There is no official data on how much you get per game exactly, but it seems to be tied to match length. An average game of Traditional Hearthstone should give you about 5 XP, while an average match of Battlegrounds will net you roughly 15 XP. Of course, shorter/longer games can change those numbers!

Technically you can complete the whole event without even doing any of the Quests. Let’s say that you play Traditional Hearthstone – if we assume 5 XP per match on average, it would take you 200 games to complete the event. Given that this particular event lasts for 8 days, that would be 25 matches per day on average. Which is quite a lot and definitely more than an average player plays, but it’s doable.

All in all, I would say that an average player just completing the dailies, working on the main chain, and not grinding much should finish the event easily in around 4-5 days. But if you really, really want to get your rewards as soon as possible, you can just play A LOT of Hearthstone and potentially finish it quicker.


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