Tradeable And Questline Daily & Weekly Quests Will Be Replaced Next Expansion

Ever since Darkmoon Faire, we had a couple of “expansion-specific” Quests that asked players to do some stuff related to the latest set. Back in United in Stormind, those were updated to “Play or Trade 15 Tradeable cards” (daily) and “Complete 3 United in Stormwind Questlines” (weekly). However, the problem is that we’re way past Stormwind and those haven’t been updated ever since.

The good news is that they will be updated when the next expansion releases, and then going forward for each new set.

Cora also commented on reddit, explaining why it hasn’t happened:

My understanding is we had some restructuring within the team around that time and it got lost in the shuffle of who should be responsible for it. Obviously not a great answer, but it shouldn’t be an issue now. Going forward we’ll be back to updating 1 daily and 1 weekly quest for each expansion. The ones for next set are implemented and ready to go. 🙂



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