Three New Battlegrounds Naga Minions Revealed, Amalgadon Leaving, Nightmare Amalgam Returning

Educated Collins and Shadybunny have revealed some new Naga minions and shared some news in their latest video.

They showcased three new Nagas that will be coming to Battlegroudns in Patch 23.2 – Deep-Sea Angler, Eventide Brute and Mantid Queen.

But probably the most important news is that Amalgadon is leaving Battlegrounds. It was a huge part of the end game boards for the last few expansions, and him being gone should shake up later turns.

That said, players should still be able to build Menagerie style of boards, as Nightmare Amalgam is returning to the minion pool. The new Mantid Queen should also perform the role of Amalgadon on late game Mengarie boards, although significantly.

New Minions




You can watch the reveal video here:


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