The Lich King Will Be Temporarily Disabled in Battlegrounds Because of a Bug

One of the last updates has introduced a pretty serious bug in Battlegrounds, which some players have quickly started abusing – it made The Lich King significantly stronger than it should be. Since the Hero is still available we won’t share the exact bug here.

That’s why Team 5 has decided to disable The Lich King temporarily until the bug is fixed. The Hero will no longer be available within the next ~24h, and it should come back in the next major patch after the issue is handled.

We’re in the process of temporarily disabling The Lich King in Battlegrounds due to an unforeseen issue. We’re expecting to get the issue fixed and have The Lich King reenabled in our next major patch. Thanks for your understanding.

Update: It’s going to take a little longer than originally anticipated to disable the Lord of the Scourge. We expect The Lich King to no longer appear in Battlegrounds matches within the next ~24 hours.



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