Shop Update: Two New Constructed Bundles (Warlock & Priest Skins + Packs)

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another regular shop update. This one is pretty small, with only two new Constructed bundles (the usual Tier 2 skin + 5 card packs combo). While I’m not happy about that, it looks like Runestones are here to stay and all the “smaller” things in the shop will only be purchasable with them. Here are all the new items:

  • Sparkle Guardian Nemsy Bundle (1000 Runestones) – New Warlock skin (Tier 2) + 5x Warlock card pack.
  • Love Guardian Tyrande Bundle (1000 Runestones) – New Priest skin (Tier 2) + 5x Priest card pack.

Reminder: 100 Runestones = $1, so if something costs e.g. 2000 Runestones it means that it costs $20.


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