Shop Update: Constructed Skin Bundles & Pack Bundles

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another shop update! It’s a pretty small one, with some more Constructed skins and two big pack bundles. Those pack bundles actually offer decent value, but they’re really expensive. Here are all the new items:

  • Carnivore Warriors Bundle (2000 Runestones) – New Warrior skin (Tier 2) + new Paladin skin (Tier 2) + 5x Warrior card pack + 5x Paladin card pack.
  • Fishy Finley Bundle (1000 Runestones) – New Paladin skin (Tier 2) + 5x Paladin card pack.
  • Tavern Special (6000 Runestones) – 90x Wild Card Pack + 3x Random Wild Legendary card.
  • Bob’s Bargain (6000 Runestones) – 75x Standard Card Pack + 3x Random Standard Legendary card.

Reminder: 100 Runestones = $1, so if something costs e.g. 2000 Runestones it means that it costs $20.


A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Over that time, he has achieved many high Legend climbs and infinite Arena runs. He's the current admin of Hearthstone Top Decks.

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  1. Tailsfromvienna
    October 4, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    Since most players have already completed their common+rare collections in standard, the 75 packs of the Bob’s Bargain bundle will mostly just yield dust. If you assume 17,5 packs for opening a legend, it results in 4 additional legends opened and about 6000 leftover dust that allows you to craft roughly 4 additional legends of your choice for a total of 7 random legends and 4 custom legends.

    If you value a random legend at 4,00 and a custom legend at 8,00 then you get exactly
    (7×4) + (4×8) = 28 + 32 = 60,00
    your money’s worth.

    Do the math!

    The Tavern Special gives you 15 additional packs that accounts for almost one additional legend drawn and extra dust for well half a legend, but most legends in wild are effectively unplayable so it is probably only interesting for those who want to complete their wild collection.

    • Tailsfromvienna
      October 4, 2022 at 2:51 pm

      apparently both bundles are 4000 runestones for 2 legendaries and 50 packs, at least on my account. the math above still holds true for the standard bundle (bob’s bargain), but the wild bundle (tavern special) is now significantly worse and therefore definitely a no-buy.