Shop Update: New Constructed (Hunter & Warrior Skins), Battlegrounds (Cosmetic Board + Finisher) and Mercenaries Bundles

Patch 22.6 has just dropped. Probably the most important new addition is Voyage to the Sunken City expansion pre-purchase, but it also added some other things.

Here’s a full list of new additions:

  • Sniper Tavish Bundle – Hunter Hero portrait + 5x Hunter Card Pack for $9.99.
  • Defiant Rokara Bundle – Warrior Hero portrait + 5x Warrior Card Pack for $9.99.
  • Mecha Makerspace – New Battlegrounds cosmetic board for $9.99.
  • Boombardment – New Battlegrounds finisher for $4.99.
  • Black Dragonflight Bundle – Nefarian (Rare), Onyxia (Epic) and Deathwing (Legendary) Mercenaries + 200 Coins for each of them + 15x Mercenaries Card Pack for $39.99.

As for whether they’re worth it. Let’s start with pure cosmetics – BG Boards and Finishers have set price and whether they’re worth it or not depends on how you value cosmetics, so there’s not much to talk about here.

Constructed ones are more interesting, because they’re back to the skin + card packs combo. They cost the same as the bundles we got back during Book of Heroes days. If we value packs at $1 each (and I think that packs for specific Hero are worth a bit more than your average packs), that leaves a $5 skin, which is about right. Now the question is whether you like to get something “of value” from those bundles or prefer pure cosmetics. I guess that Blizzard tries to answer the same question, experimenting with different formats.

As for the Black Dragonflight bundle, it’s not the worst one, but I feel like Mercenaries bundles are a bit overpriced. You have to spend $39.99 and you’re only getting a small part of the new content – there are still more Mercenaries to unlock and those you unlocked will need A LOT more Coins. Mercenaries Packs are also low value if you’re already deep into the mode, since most of the stuff you’re getting are duplicates. I would assume that the bundle targets biggest Mercs fans that have a lot of disposable income.


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