Shop Update: More Murloc-Themed Constructed Skins, Old Portraits For Gold, New Battlegrounds Bundle

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another shop update. Usually those mid-patch updates are smaller, but it looks like Blizzard had a lot of cosmetics waiting in the sidelines just to be released this week. On top of new stuff, we also have some Constructed portraits making a comeback, with gold purchases. Here’s a full list of new items:

  • Battlegrounds Bundle – Spring Rush ($14.99) – New Battlegrounds Strike (Petal Power), and seven new hero skins.
  • Battlegrounds Strike – Petal Power ($4.99) – New Battlegrounds Strike (previously called “finisher”, but they changed the name recently), available separately.
  • Guff Murtotem Bundle ($9.99) – A new Druid skin (Tier 2) and 5 Druid card packs.
  • Murragnaros Bundle ($9.99) – A new Shaman skin (Tier 2) and 5 Shaman card packs.
  • Skullbearer Illidan Skin ($6.99 or 1000 Gold) – Returning Demon Hunter skin (Tier 2), previously available during Demon Hunter Book of Heroes release.
  • Shadowmoon Gul’dan Skin ($6.99 or 1000 Gold) – Returning Warlock skin (Tier 2), previously available during Warlock Book of Heroes release.


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