Shop Update: Leeroy Bundle (Paladin Skin + Card Back + 5x Paladin Pack) Available For $14.99

Today’s Tuesday, so it’s time for the weekly shop update. It’s another rather modest one, but the new item offered is quite interesting – a brand new Constructed skin, and it’s none other than Leeroy Jenkins.

Leeroy Bundle contains Leeroy Jenkins Paladin cosmetic skin, Leeroy Card back and five Paladin card packs. Paladin packs contain only Paladin cards from the current Standard rotation. It’s priced at $14.99.

It’s worth noting that it’s a “Tier 1” skin meaning that it comes with its own, unique animations, visual effects, and emotes – those are more rare.

The bundle is available until May 10. You can purchase it in-game or through the shop.

And in case you’re curious about the skin’s voicelines, here’s a video showcasing them:


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  1. Banaani
    April 27, 2022 at 11:00 am


    A lot of people including well known content creators are saying the voicelines are really bad. The voice does not resemble Leeroy’s voice at all and he does not make ANY other references to the video apart from shouting his name, which he does with wrong timing and pronounciation. If this doesn’t bother you, go ahead, give your money to Bobby Kotick and no proceeds to the actual creator of Leeroy Jenkins.

  2. WingedCastaway
    April 26, 2022 at 5:53 pm

    I for one appreciate new tier 1 skins. So many “mass produced” skins have been dumped into the game that at this point those are the only ones I’d consider buying anyway.