Shop Update: Frostwolf Thrall and Emerald Malfurion Available Once Again For $6.99 Or 1000 Gold

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another Hearthstone shop update.

Today, two older skins came back to the shop, and they’re available for Gold too. Frostwolf Thrall and Emerald Malfurion were originally available in bundles released alongside their respective “Book of Heroes” adventures – Thrall in May 2020 and Malfurion in June 2020. You can now purchase them standalone for either $6.99 or 1000 Gold. It’s a regular price for those skins, so whether they are worth it to you will depend on how much you like them and how much value you put on cosmetics in general. Purchasing them with Gold is always a good option to have, but do keep in mind that they can be really big gold sinks (1k Gold is 10 packs, after all).

Usually, those skins are available for 1-2 weeks, so you still have some time to decide, but keep in mind that they will disappear from the shop in a while.

Update: I also listed two “new” bundles here (Mini Standard Bundle and Wild Bundle), but it turns out that they were already in the shop previously, I just missed them because they were added when I was still on a break. Sorry about that!


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