Shop Update: Warrior Skin, Diamond Card Bundles, Pack Bundles, Battlegrounds Bartender, Tavern Tickets

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another shop update! Festival of Legends expansion has just launched, and expansion launch days usually coincide with major shop updates. I couldn’t get around to writing about it earlier because I was busy adding new decks, but I finally managed to find some time. This time we have all kinds of offers – cosmetics, packs, even a small one for Battlegrounds (but it’s mostly a Constructed shop rotation). Ranked bundles are making a comeback – I only know how the first rank looks since I don’t plan to buy them, but if I find rank 2 somewhere online, I’ll add it. It’s also the first time we get a deal on Tavern Tickets – those are used for Arena & Heroic Duels entries (which normally cost 150 gold or $1.99). It might be worth it if you play a lot of Arena and pay for it with money, but it’s only a minor discount (usually you get 10 tickets for that price, here you get 11). Here are all of the new items that are available:

  • Elite Tauren Chieftain Bundle (1500 Runestones or $15) – New Warrior Skin (Tier 1) + E.T.C. card back + 5x Warrior card pack.
  • Diamond E.T.C., Band Manager Bundle (2500 Runestones or $25) – Diamond version of E.T.C., Band Manager Legendary card + 3x Golden Festival of Legends card pack.
  • Diamond Rin, Orchestrator of Doom Bundle (2500 Runestones or $25) – Diamond version of Rin, Orchestrator of Doom Legendary card + 3x Golden Festival of Legends card pack.
  • Radnar Shredaxe (1000 Runestones) – New cosmetic Battlegrounds bartender.
  • Festival of Legends Bundle Rank 1 (2000 Runestones or $20) – 2x random Legendary card from Festival of Legends + 10x Festival of Legends card pack + 10x Standard card pack.
  • Golden Festival of Legends Bundle Rank 1 (4000 Runestones or $40) – 1x random Golden Legendary card from Festival of Legends + 12x Golden Festival of Legends card pack.
  • Tavern Ticket Bundle (2000 Runestones or $20) – 11x Tavern Ticket.

Tier 1 skins are “premium” ones while Tier 2 are more basic. In general, Tier 1 skins tend to include more extra features like completely new emotes, Hero Power animations, and some extra visual effects. Some of those might be also included in Tier 2 skins, but usually only 1 of those special features is present (if any). It’s not an official classification – it’s just something we use to differentiate between more basic and premium skins!


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  1. Joris
    April 12, 2023 at 4:21 am

    The rank 2 bundle is: 2 legendaries + 25 standard packs + 25 festival packs for 40 €.
    Here’s an image:

    So unlike ranked spells, the deal actually gets worse? 😀

    Btw this kind of stuff is also what I meant on the site-feedback channel on Discord (username Corius, posted a few days ago).

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      April 12, 2023 at 6:33 am

      Thanks for the image, I’ll update the post soon!

      And thanks again for the ideas. I’ll really think about covering the topics you proposed soon, there’s just too much work with the expansion’s release now 🙂