(Live Now) Quests Return To Hearthstone Battlegrounds On July 11 With New Objectives, Rewards And Some Changes

Update #3: 

The “Burn the Evidence” Battlegrounds Quest and the “Transm-ogre-fication” Battlegrounds Quest Reward have been removed from their respective pools to address power and play experience outliers.


Update #2: Patch 26.6.3 with Battlegrounds Quests is being rolled out right now! Since it’s a live rollout the Quests won’t be available everywhere at the same time, but all of the servers should get the patch soon.

Update: Blizzard also posted Quest Ban List. Certain Quests can’t be offered to certain Lobbies (available minion types) or Heroes. I’ve posted a full list of bans at the bottom. 

Quests are one of the big Battlegrounds mechanics that rotate in and out of the mode. Originally introduced in Season 2 (August 2022), they are making a comeback now in a rebalanced form. Starting tomorrow (July 11), all the way until the next season (probably late August or early September), Quests will appear in every game.

The way they work is that at the start of Turn 4 (6 gold turn), you select one of the three options. You get random Quests mixed with Quest rewards. The difficulty of the Quest objectives depends on how strong the reward is – some of them come online after just a few turns, while others are strictly late-game options. They alter the way you play Battlegrounds – you will usually try to adjust your gameplay to finish the Quest as soon as possible, and the reward itself can push you into a completely different direction.

Most of the previous Quests and rewards make a comeback, only a few got removed. But a lot of them were rebalanced, plus we have a bunch of new Quests & rewards (the new ones will have a higher appearance rate for the first few weeks).

Learn more and find a full list of new & returning Quests in the blog post below:

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Quests are returning to Battlegrounds! From July 11 until the next Battlegrounds Season, Battlegrounds Quests will be in every game. The Quests system will work the same basic way it did before, but we’ve made a few adjustments to specific Quests and Rewards to rebalance and freshen them up this time around—plus some entirely new additions.

What are Battlegrounds Quests?

Battlegrounds Quests are a gameplay mechanic first introduced in Battlegrounds Season 2. The way they work is that at the start of turn 4 (the 6 Gold turn), you’ll be offered three Quest-Reward pairs to choose from. You then pick one of the three options. Your selection determines which Reward you’ll get for completing your Quest, and what you need to do to get progress towards that Reward.

Quests require you to perform certain specified game actions, like spending a certain amount of Gold or summoning a number of minions. Once you’ve completed your Quest, Rewards give you a perk that makes you more powerful for the rest of the game. Battlegrounds Quests are a fun way to mix up every game of Battlegrounds!

How Quests Work

Quests have baseline requirements that vary based on a few factors. The biggest factor is which Reward they are randomly paired with in that particular game. Stronger Rewards will make the Quest harder to complete, while weaker Rewards will make the Quest easier to complete. There are also adjustments for particular heroes (heroes with more Armor have a slightly easier time with their Quests). Additionally, certain Quests are adjusted based on the minion types in the pool for a particular game, and certain Quests and Rewards are restricted from being offered to specific heroes or lobbies, to prevent unwanted interactions. Finally, Quests and Rewards are offered at different rates, so some will appear more frequently than others.

Give Me a Quest!

We’re introducing three new Quests with this update, which have the following baseline requirements:

  • Burn the Evidence: Sell 9 minions.
  • Pressure the Authorities: Get your warband to 30 total Attack.
    • Round up the Suspects: Destroy 18 enemy minions.

We’re also bringing back a slew of returning Quests from before, which now have the following baseline requirements:

  • Unlikely Duo: Play 5 minions from [either of two randomly selected types].
  • Invite the Quests: Buy 7 minions.
  • Dust for Prints: Add 18 cards to your hand.
  • Cry for Help: Play 4 Battlecry minions.
  • Exhume the Bones: Trigger 7 friendly Deathrattles.
  • Track the Footprints: Have Bob’s Tavern Refreshed 9 times.
  • Assemble a Lineup: Summon 17 minions.
  • Find the Murder Weapon: Increase a friendly minion’s stats 14 times.
  • Reenact the Murder: Have 21 friendly minions die.
  • Sort It All Out: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 4 combats.
  • Follow the Money: Spend 33 Gold.
  • Hire an Investigator: End your turn with unspent Gold 3 times.
  • Crack the Case: Have friendly minions attack 11 times.

One Quest has been removed from the Quest pool:

  • Unmask the Culprit: Lose or tie 3 combats.

Earn Game-Changing Rewards

We’re making Battlegrounds Quests even more rewarding than before with tons of New Quest Rewards:

  • Ice Sickle: Avenge (1): Give a minion in your hand +3 Attack.
    • Dev Comment: This is only offered in games with Undead and/or Beasts in the lobby.
  • Soul Pact: After you play a minion, give other minions of the same type +1/+1.
    • Dev Comment: This affects your Warband and the shop.
  • Sturdy Shard: At the end of your turn, give your minions without Taunt +1/+2 for each Taunt minion you control.
  • Doppelganger’s Locket: After each combat, Discover a non-Golden minion from your last opponent’s warband. It keeps enchantments.
  • Timeline Acceleration: At the start of your turn, get two Accelerators that transform a minion into one from a Tavern Tier higher.
  • Invigorating Conch: When you buy a minion, give its stats to a random friendly minion.
  • Boom Squad: Avenge (3): Deal 10 damage to the highest Health enemy minion.
    • Dev Comment: This is only offered in games with Undead and/or Beasts in the lobby.
  • Divine Armor: At the end of your turn, give the left-most minion in your hand +6/+6 and Divine Shield.
  • Map of the Unknown: After you play a minion of a type you don’t control, give a friendly minion of each type +2/+1.
  • Bloodsoaked Tome: Minions in Bob’s Tavern cost 2 Gold.
    • Dev Comment: This will be one of our rarer Rewards.
  • Scepter of Guidance: Bob’s Tavern always offers 2 [randomly selected type] when Refreshed.
  • Transm-ogre-fication: At the end of your turn, set your lowest Health minion’s stats equal to your highest Health minion’s stats.
  • Endless Blood Moon: Your Blood Gems give an extra +2/+2. At the start of your turn, add a two to your hand.
    • Dev Comment: This is only offered in games with Quilboar in the lobby.

When Quests initially return, these new Rewards will be offered at twice their regular appearance rate! They will then be adjusted down to their normal appearance rate in a later patch, a few weeks after launch.

We’re also bringing back several returning Rewards:

  • Snicker Snacks: At the end of your turn, 2 friendly minions trigger their Battlecries.
  • Stolen Gold: Start of Combat: Make your left and right-most minions Golden.
  • Evil Twin: Start of Combat: Summon a copy of your highest-Health minion.
  • Ritual Dagger: After a friendly Deathrattle minion dies, give it +4/+4 permanently.
  • Anima Bribe: After you sell a minion, give its stats to a minion in Bob’s Tavern.
  • Devils in the Details: At the end of your turn, your left and right-most minions consume a minion in Bob’s Tavern.
  • The Smoking Gun: Your minions have +4 Attack.
  • Cooked Book: After you buy a minion, give it +1/+1 and upgrade this.
  • Mirror Shield: After each Refresh, give a minion in Bob’s Tavern +4/+4 and Divine Shield.
  • Secret Sinstone: After you Discover a card, get an extra copy of it.
  • Ghastly Mask: Add [a specified “end of turn” minion] to your hand. Your end of turn effects trigger an extra time.
    • Dev Comment: This Reward now includes some new minions and has been updated to say “an extra time” instead of “twice.”
  • Theotar’s Parasol: At the end of your turn, give your right-most minion Stealth and +8 Health.
  • Red Hand: At the start of your turn, give a minion in your hand +12/+12.
  • Victim’s Specter: After each combat, get a plain copy of the last friendly minion that died.
  • Another Hidden Body: Discover a minion from your Tavern Tier. (Can be earned endlessly!)
  • Tiny Henchmen: At the end of your turn, give +3/+3 to 3 friendly minions of Tier 3 or lower.
  • Alter Ego: Even Tier minions in Bob’s Tavern have +7/+7. (Swaps to Odd next turn!)
  • The Friends Along the Way: At the start of your turn, get 2 random [specified minion type].
  • Menagerie Mayhem: At the end of your turn, give your minions +1 Attack for each friendly minion type.
  • Pilfered Lamps: You only need 2 copies of a minion to make it Golden.
  • Yogg-tastic Tasties: At the start of your turn, spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.
  • Wondrous Wisdomball: Occasionally gives helpful Refreshes.
  • Essence of Zerus: At the end of your turn, get a ‘Shifter Zerus’ which transforms into random minions.
  • Hidden Treasure Vault: At the start of your turn, gain +1 Gold. (Upgrades each turn!)
  • Ethereal Evidence: At the start of every turn, choose from 2 new Rewards.
  • Volatile Venom: Your minions have +7/+7. After they attack, they die. Horribly.
  • The Golden Hammer: Spellcraft: Make a friendly minion Golden until next turn.
  • Sinfall Medallion: After you play a minion, give 2 other friendly minions of its Tavern Tier +2/+2.
  • Kidnap Sack: Spellcraft: Choose a non-golden minion. Add it to your hand.
  • Enhance-a-matic: At the start of your turn, get an Enhanced Part that gives +5/+5 and a random bonus.
    • Dev Comment: The Enhanced Part is a spell. Random bonuses can be Taunt, Windfury, Divine Shield, or Reborn.
  • Partner in Crime: Get your Golden Buddy.

Finally, a few of the old Rewards have been removed from the Rewards pool:

  • Teal Tiger Sapphire: Minions in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1 for each time it was Refreshed this turn.
  • Staff of Origination: Start of Combat: Give your minions +12/+12.
  • Blood Goblet: At the end of your turn, give your right-most minion Attack equal to your missing Health.

That’s everything you need to know before you set off on your quest, starting tomorrow! We’ll see you in the Tavern.


Quests Ban List

This is a list of all the Quests/Rewards that cannot be offered to certain heroes/lobbies. This will likely change over time, but this will at least be the starting point at launch.

  • Dust for Prints: Death Speaker Blackthorn
  • Assemble a Lineup: Bru’kan
  • Find the Murder Weapon: Deathwing
  • Pressure the Authorities: Deathwing
  • Ritual Dagger: Bru’kan
  • Anima Bribe: Gallywix, Millhouse, Hoggarr, Naga
  • Cooked Book: Gallywix, Millhouse, Hoggarr
  • Secret Sinstone: Everyone EXCEPT Tickatus, Silas, Elise, Vashj, Azshara, Zephrys, Alexstrasza, Cookie, Scabbs, Kurtrus, ETC, Rat King
  • Volatile Venom: Must have Mechs, Beasts, or Undead
  • Partner in Crime: Saurfang, Hoggarr, Inge, Voone,
  • Ice Sickle: Must have Undead or Beasts
  • Invigorating Conch: Elementals, Gallywix, Millhouse, Hoggarr
  • Boom Squad: Must have Undead or Beasts
  • Bloodsoaked Tome: Millhouse, Gallywix, Hoggarr
  • Endless Blood Moon: Must have Quilboar.

More info on quests is available in this blog.


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