Pirates Will Join Battlegrounds Roster on June 9! 17 New Minions and 4 Heroes, Minion Types Shifting Each Game

Huge news for Battlegrounds players. Ever since Dragon patch a few months ago, we didn’t have any bigger BG updates. Some minions and heroes were added and removed, but the gameplay remained mostly the same. This won’t be the case with the latest Battlegrounds update, which introduces a whole new minion type – Pirates. 17 new minions and 4 new heroes will be joining the roster on June 9.

One of the major worries about introducing new minion types was diluting the minion pool. Getting the right minions was becoming more random with more of them in the pool. In this patch, the problem was solved. At the start of each Battlegrounds match, one of the minion types is getting excluded. It means that they won’t appear in the Tavern, through Discovers, Hero Powers and so on. Heroes that directly synergize with that minion type will also be excluded – e.g. you won’t see Millificent Manastorm when Mechs are not there, or Flurgl when Murlocs aren’t available. It was a necessary move, which also means that they can add more minion types without worrying about that (Elementals and Totems are only ones left to import from the base game, but the latter don’t make that much sense – that said, nothing is stopping them from adding new ones).

For now, Pirates will always be among the five available types,

One more important thing is that Holy Mackerel has been removed from the minion pool – no more infinite Poisonous + Divine Shield strategies!

Find all the new minions and heroes below:

Battlegrounds Hero Pool Updates

Players with Battlegrounds Perks will have early access to the following new heroes before they’re formally released on June 23.


Captain Eudora

Buried Treasure [Cost 1]

  • Dig for a Golden minion! (4 Digs Left)Captain Eudora Battlegrounds Portrait and Hero Power

Skycap’n Kragg

Piggybank [Cost 0]

  • Gain 1 Gold this turn. Increases each turn. (Once per game)Sky Cap'n Kragg Battlegrounds Portrait and Hero Power

Captain Hooktusk

Trash for Treasure [Cost 0]

  • Remove a friendly minion. Discover one from a lower Tavern Tier.Captain Hooktusk Battlegrounds Portrait and Hero Power


Patches the Pirate

Pirate Parrrrty! [Cost 4]

  • Get a Pirate. After you buy a Pirate, your next Hero Power costs (1) less.Reworked Patches the Pirate Portrait and Hero Power

The Rat King

  • No longer always starts on King of Beasts. Now starts on a random minion type.


  • Professor Putricide has been removed from the hero pool.
  • Holy Mackerel has been removed from the minion pool.
New Battlegrounds Minions

Deck Swabbie

[Tier 1, Pirate] 2 Attack, 2 Health.

  • Battlecry: Reduce the cost of upgrading Bob’s Tavern by (1).

Deck Swabbie Battlegrounds Minion + Art


[Tier 1, Pirate] 2 Attack, 1 Health.

  • Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 Pirate. It attacks immediately.

Scallywag Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Southsea Captain

[Tier 2, Pirate] 3 Attack, 3 Health.

  • Your other Pirates have +1/+1.

Southsea Captain Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Arcane Cannon

[Tier 2] 2 Attack, 2 Health.

  • Can’t attack. After an adjacent minion attacks, deal 2 damage to an enemy minion.

Arcane Cannon Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Monstrous Macaw

[Tier 2, Beast] 3 Attack, 2 Health.

  • After this attacks, trigger a random friendly minion’s Deathrattle.

Monstrous Macaw Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Freedealing Gambler

[Tier 2, Pirate] 3 Attack, 3 Health.

  • This minion sells for 3 Gold.

Freedealing Gambler Battlegrounds Minion + Art


[Tier 3, Pirate] 2 Attack, 8 Health.

  • Taunt After this minion survives being attacked, attack immediately.

Yo-Ho-Ogre Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Salty Looter

[Tier 3, Pirate] 3 Attack, 3 Health.

  • Whenever you play a Pirate, gain +1/+1.

Salty Looter Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Bloodsail Cannoneer

[Tier 3, Pirate] 4 Attack, 2 Health.

  • Battlecry: Give your other Pirates +3 Attack.

Bloodsail Cannoneer Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Southsea Strongarm

[Tier 4, Pirate] 5 Attack, 4 Health.

  • Battlecry: Give a friendly Pirate +1/+1 for each Pirate you bought this turn.

Southsea Strongarm Battlegrounds Minion + Art


[Tier 4, Pirate] 2 Attack, 2 Health.

  • At the end of your turn, gain +2/+2 for each friendly Golden minion.

Goldgrubber Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Ripsnarl Captain

[Tier 4, Pirate] 3 Attack, 4 Health.

  • Whenever another friendly Pirate attacks, give it +2/+2.

Ripsnarl Captain Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Seabreaker Goliath

[Tier 5, Pirate] 6 Attack, 7 Health.

  • Windfury Overkill: Give your other Pirates +2/+2.

Seabreaker Goliath Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler

[Tier 5, Pirate] 8 Attack, 5 Health.

  • Overkill: Summon a 0/2 Treasure Chest.

Nat Pagle Extreme Angler Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Cap’n Hoggarr

[Tier 5, Pirate] 6 Attack, 6 Health.

  • After you buy a Pirate, gain 1 Gold this turn only.

Cap'n Hoggarr Battlegrounds Minion + Art

Dread Admiral Eliza

[Tier 6, Pirate] 6 Attack, 7 Health.

  • Whenever a friendly Pirate attacks, give all friendly minions +1/+1.

Dread Admiral Eliza Battlegrounds Minion + Art

The Tide Razor

[Tier 6] 6 Attack, 4 Health.

  • Deathrattle: Summon 3 random Pirates.

The Tide Razor Battlegrounds Minion + Art


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  1. MilesTegF
    June 10, 2020 at 7:35 am

    Some additional information in case anyone’s wondering..
    1) Nat Pagle basically summons a chest that when killed summons a random golden minion. (No idea what Golden Nat Pagle does).
    2) Tried Eudora and she seems weak. You need to press her HP expending 1 mana on four different turns (VERY Slow considering you dont have 1 mana to spare every turn), and the forth time, she gives you a RANDOM Golden minion. Not sure if she can give you a minion from a superior tier (probably yes) but she can deffinetly give you one from below (i got a golden murloc tidehunter when i was in Tier 3 :facepalm: ) Note that this is NOT a discover, so chances are very high that you end up expending too much time and mana only to get a minion is either weak, or that doesnt align to your game plan (like getting a strong beast but having a mech army).

  2. Sand-12
    June 8, 2020 at 1:59 pm

    The pirates and heroes look interesting, but is anyone else hyped for Monstrous Macaw? It feels like a card that you could really experiment with.

    • SlyFox
      June 8, 2020 at 5:30 pm

      Especially with golden baron. That card be lookin thicc.