Patch 26.0 Known Issues – April 17 Update (Hotfix Banning Groovy Cat in Duels & Fixing Arena Discover Pools)

Update: Blizzard has updated Patch 26.0 known issues with a few new bugs over the last few days + released a small hotfix patch. The patch includes Groovy Cat being banned from Duels deck building because of the issues he was causing. They also hotfixed Arena – cards are now discovered from the correct pools. Check out all of the updates below!

Patch 26.0 was released yesterday. Those major patches, while fixing a lot of bugs, are usually also riddled with many issues of their own, and 26.0 is no different. Blizzard is usually pretty good at tracking those bugs and writing them down – the most important ones tend to be hotfixed within a couple of days after the patch’s release, while more complex or minor ones often need to wait until a bigger patch release.

The most important issues this time include Golden Death Knight cards disappearing (it’s intended, many people got Golden Core Set DK cards even when they shouldn’t, just replace them with regular copies), new/returning players decks not being available (should be fixed soon, but new decks will only appear on April 11 with expansion’s launch), Blazing Transmutation only offering more copies of the same minion instead of other minions of the same cost and Warsong Commander not granting Charge properly to copied minions. (Those issues already got fixed!)

Check out a full list of known issues below. We’ll be updating the post + letting you know about any hotfixes that release.

Hey all,

Patch 26.0 is here, and the stage is set for the Festival of Legends to take the spotlight! There’s just one more week before the expansion goes live. Follow this post for more information about known issues we’re tracking this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • [Updated carry-over issue]: We are aware that sound from other apps can’t be played while Hearthstone is being played on some devices. This was an intentional change that was made to avoid crashes on mobile. With Patch 26.0, we’ve been able to scale back the affected devices so that now iOS is able to play sound from other apps. The fix to the underlying issue, and with it the resolution for other mobile devices, is still scheduled for a later patch.
  • We are seeing many reports of Golden Death Knight cards being removed from decks. Don’t worry, this is NOT a bug, this is the fix to a bug that prematurely granted all players all Golden Death Knight Core cards before they were earned (see the 26.0 Patch). Simply swap out the Golden versions for normal versions in your decks and you will be able to play again.
  • [Resolved 4/11] New/returning player decks are not currently available. This was not intended. We will not be able to reinstate new/returning player decks with a hotfix this week like previously planned. The new 26.0 decks will be added when Festival of Legends unlocks on April 11 and affected players will get to choose from those loaner decks.
  • [Resolved 4/6] In Duels, we are aware that ongoing runs did not retire with Patch 26.0 as expected. Instead, the season reset is happening after players finish the run on their own (by retiring or playing all their games). All players who had an active run that would have been retired with Patch 26.0 have been granted a Tavern Ticket.
  • [Resolved 4/7] Blazing Transmutation is currently offering only the same minion as targeted if there’s no eligible card of the next mana (instead of offering 3 minions of the same mana as the target). This is scheduled to be corrected in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Resolved 4/7] We’re aware that if a card is granted Charge by Warsong Commander, then buffed, and then copied, the copy does not have Charge. The team is investigating this issue.
  • The in-game text for Jazznaros, the Vibe Lord hero skin and E.T.C. hero skin and card back incorrectly says that they are earnable after purchasing the Tavern Pass. They are actually planned to be available as in-shop purchases. We are working on correcting these texts.
  • [Resolved 4/7] We’re aware that Sire Denathrius did not return to Battlegrounds with Patch 26.0 like intended. He will be returned to the hero pool in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Added 4/11] We are aware that some Festival of Legends cards have incorrect translations in some languages. This will be resolved in a future client update.
  • [Added 4/11] We got a bit overzealous in getting rid of secrets from Paladin in Standard and failed to make sure Reckoning was added to the Legacy set for Wild. We reckon it’ll be back with Patch 26.2.
  • [Resolved 4/11] The team is investigating a Battlenet issue causing problems with product purchases.
  • [Added 4/11] The team is investigating an issue preventing some decks from being playable. The issue comes when you–or the opponent you queue into–builds a valid deck and then re-rolls away one of the cards within that deck (making it invalid) and then tries to queue with that newly invalid deck. The workaround is to completely rebuild the deck from scratch (not copying the deck code).
  • [Added 4/11] The team is aware that certain Diamond cards (like Ragnaros) did not handle Core set updates properly and didn’t end up available in Standard. The team is investigating the issue.
  • [Resolved 4/14] The team is aware of an issue that sometimes causes tooltips to not appear properly, and is working on a solution.
  • [Resolved 4/17] The team is aware that Discover effects in Arena are drawing from cards that are no longer in Core. The team has a solution that is expected in a hotfix early next week.
  • [Added 4/17] The team is aware that opponent’s mouse-overs are no longer showing. This was part of a temporary mitigation to a bug the sometimes blocked card text. Opponent mouse-overs will return in a later patch.

We’ll continue to update this post as we get more information.

4/17 Update:
We are currently in the process of rolling out a small server-side hotfix with the following updates:

  • [Duels] Groovy Cat is now banned in deckbuilding and removed from card Loot pools.
  • [Arena] Fixed a bug where Discover pools were offering cards that were not from the eligible sets.



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