Patch 21.4 Known Issues – A Lot of Mercenaries-Related Bugs, Battlegrounds Rating, Crashes (Update: 2nd Patch Released)

Oh boy, big patches always come with a ton of bugs, but new game mode releases take it to the next level. Blizzard has released one list of known issues before the patch even launched, but right now we have a second one that’s being updated live.

I won’t even try to summarize it – it’s mostly a ton of Mercenaries-related bugs – if you experienced any of them, you should at least know that you don’t need to report it, since it’s being worked on.

One major non-Mercenaries bug is Battlegrounds rating reset – a lot of players got their BG ratings reset to 0, but they were already restored to pre-patch state.

Also a lot of connectivity or performance issues, which are being worked on.

You can check out both of the lists yourselves below:

Hello all, we wanted to make you aware that there will be some known issues shipping with 21.4, which we intend to address in future updates. This post will house the known issues prior to launch, in all languages, and another post will be made if any unexpected live issues pop up.

The following are known issues that will be shipping with Patch 21.4, to be fixed in future updates:

  • Most Daily and Weekly Quests cannot be completed in Mercenaries. Only quests that require you to win a certain number of games in any mode, or take a number of turns, can be completed at this time. Quests can still be completed normally in the other game modes.
  • In Mercenaries, the general rule is that Taunt blocks an Attack, unless the Ability designates a specific target for the Attack (such as “Attack the lowest Health enemy” or “Attack the left-most enemy”). That said, at launch there are a few Treasure Abilities that will incorrectly ignore Taunt when they shouldn’t: Ogre Warmaul, Hysteria, Mass Hysteria, To the Death!, Blinding Rage 3, and The Beast Within 1-5.
  • Visual bug with the Diablo Mercenary’s Ability, Apocalypse level 3, combined with the Magma Horn Equipment, showing the wrong damage. The move applies the correct damage.
  • Visual bug with the Survival of the Fittest Ability, level 1, not showing the Ability’s Speed. The correct Speed is 9.
  • Rexxar’s “Mama Bear’s Claws” Equipment does not buff Mercenaries that are played before Rexxar, or to Rexxar’s left, during the placement phase. This is caused by the effects being read in play order, and from left-to-right. The workaround at this time is to play Rexxar before, and to the left of, any Beast Mercenaries you want him to buff.
  • Visual bug where the “upgrade available” indicator will sometimes continue to show after a Mercenary’s Ability or Equipment have been upgraded, even if there are not enough remaining Coins to upgrade that Mercenary any more.
  • Performance bug where playing Mercenaries for longer periods (around 1.5-2 hours) will cause lag and performance slowdowns, especially in devices with less RAM. The workaround at this time is to restart the client if that begins.
  • Visual bug where some tooltips and pop-ups are clipped off the edge of the screen on mobile devices.

Thanks for your patience, and good luck out there, Mercenaries!



Hello all,

We wanted to let you know about some known issues we are tracking with patch 21.4. We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

  • We’re aware of a visual bug where Rewards Track progress is not being shown. The XP is still being earned and tracked, but we are working on fixing the visuals to match.
  • (Resolved 10/13): Some players had their Battlegrounds rating reset after downloading the patch. We have addressed the problem causing this issue, and are continuing to investigate next steps for those impacted. Update: We have now restored Battlegrounds ratings for players who had their ratings reset after the 21.4 patch went live yesterday. The ratings were reset to what they were at 9:59 a.m., Pacific (immediately before the patch went live).
  • (Updated 10/14): We’re tracking and investigating miscellaneous connectivity, server, and performance issues. Update: This was further addressed in today’s patch and will be something that we continue to address whenever we can.
  • We’re aware that players are unable to purchase multiple Mercenaries packs at once with Gold. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • (Resolved 10/14): We are investigating an issue with players getting stuck in the Mercenaries tutorial. Update: These issues have now been resolved.
  • (Resolved 10/14): We are also investigating issues with leaderboards not updating properly. Update: We have resolved the issue as to all game mode Leaderboards.
  • (Resolved 10/14): We’re aware that the 21.4 update is not showing for some Google Play users. For those users, we have a suggested workaround: go to Google Play → open your profile icon in top right → open “Manage apps & device” → select “Updates available” → select “Update All.” We believe that should cause the update to appear on your devices. Update: The 21.4 update should now show for all Google Play users.
  • (Resolved 10/13): We’re aware of and working on a fix for an issue where task #5 for Mercenaries at level 30 (complete a bounty while at level 30) is not completable. Update: Today’s hotfix resolves this issue.
  • (Resolved 10/14): We’re aware of and working on a fix for a bug causing the game to lock whenever a player clicks on their Mercenaries PVP rewards. Update: This issue is should now be resolved for all players.
  • (Updated 10/14): We’re aware that Jaina’s Ice Block Talisman Equipment is not working as intended. The fix for this Equipment is in an upcoming patch, expected within the next week. Update: We have added plans for another patch, still within the next week, so that the issues resolved in today’s patch were not held up while we tried to resolve this issue.
  • (Added 10/14): We are investigating reports that ratings are not being calculated properly in Ranked Legend and Battlegrounds.


Update #1:

We just received a server-side hotfix, which tackled some of the bugs listed above. A client-side patch will be released next week to fix more issues.

10/13 Update: We are currently in the process of deploying a server-side hotfix to all regions that will address the following issues:

  • Resolves an issue where the Task 5 of each Mercenary couldn’t be completed.
  • Resolves an issue where players were getting blocked in the tutorial, at the portion where they are taught how to upgrade Abilities (we are still working on the problem with the Merchant Cart blocking tutorial progress).
  • Resolves the issue of accounts freezing up when clicking on the PVP reward for players who have played Mercenaries. Players who play the Mercenaries mode for the first time after the hotfix will still face the problem. A wider, permanent solution for all players and new accounts is being added to a client patch expected to go out within the next week.
  • Addresses some Mercenaries performance issues.

We will continue to monitor, investigate, and heal-up the remaining issues, including through the client patch expected to go out within the next week. We will continue to share updates in this post.


Update #2:

A small patch is being released right now to fix more bugs, including another issue that caused players to be stuck in Mercenaries tutorial, taskboard not refilling properly when upgraded, and some in-game texts not matching the effects. Leaderboards should also be functioning correctly. Read more below:

10/14 Update: We are currently in the process of deploying a patch to all regions that includes the following fixes and updates:

  • Fixes a bug that blocked players from building a Merchant Cart and completing the tutorial.
  • Corrects the following Equipment’s effects to match their text: The Lich King’s Helm of Domination, Tyrande’s Band of the Wild, and Malfurion’s Liferoot Staff.
  • Fixes Gul’dan’s Staff of Chaos so that it no longer improperly triggers while Gul’dan is on the Bench.
  • Fixes a bug that impacted Leaderboards for all modes.
  • Reduces the frequency of Diamond card emotes.
  • Finishes resolution of bug causing crashes when players click to see Fighting Pit rewards.
  • Improves overall system efficiency and reduces crashes.
  • Changes it so that your Task Board now fully refills all empty standard slots each day (2-4, depending on if you have upgraded your Campfire), instead of refilling 2 each day.

We will continue to monitor, investigate, and heal-up the remaining issues, including through another client patch expected to go out within the next week. We will continue to share updates in this post.



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  1. DemianHS
    October 15, 2021 at 5:35 am

    Great! A friend just got locked and now he can play normally. 🙂

  2. Butterkase
    October 13, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    I think task #5 is fixed.. At least on mobile was working for me

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      October 13, 2021 at 7:40 pm

      Yeah, a hotfix was just released and Task 5 issue was one of the fixed bugs!