Patch 21.4.4 Is Out! – Nerfs to Omega Buster, Holy Mecherel and Recycling Wraith in Battlegrounds + Some Bug Fixes

Update: The patch is out now on all devices. Enjoy!

Blizzard has just announced a Patch 21.4.4, which will drop later today. According to the official social media accounts, it should be out around 11 AM PT, 20:00 CEST.

The patch brings three Battlegrounds balance changes – nerfs to Omega Buster, Holy Mecherel, and Recycling Wraith (but the last one is really only a nerf for Millhouse, unless I’m missing something). We’re also getting some bug fixes, including “general performance updates to Mercenaries”.

Read more in the official patch notes below:

The 21.4.4 patch, releasing later today, includes bug fixes, Battlegrounds updates, and miscellaneous non-player-facing backend updates.

Battlegrounds Updates


Omega Buster

  • Old: 6 Attack, 6 Health. Deathrattle: Summon six 1/1 Microbots. For each that doesn’t fit, give your Mechs +1/+1.  New: 5 Attack, 5 Health. Deathrattle: Summon five 1/1 Microbots. For each that doesn’t fit, give your Mechs +1/+1.


Holy Mecherel

  • Old: 8 Attack, 4 Health.  New: 6 Attack, 4 Health.


Recycling Wraith

  • Old: After you play an Elemental, your next Refresh costs (0).  New: After you play an Elemental, your next Refresh costs (1) less.


Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

  • Added missing lightning bolt symbol to signify some Avenge triggers.
  • General performance updates to Mercenaries mode.
  • Fixed Diablo’s Apocalypse Ability to show the correct damage numbers while Magma Horn is equipped.
  • Fixed a text error where Jaina’s Task 2 stated the wrong Ability name.
  • Fixed a bug preventing privacy settings from being saved for new players.

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