March of the Lich King Mini-Set Teaser – Naxxramas vs Silvermoon?


March of the Lich King’s expansion mini-set is coming soon and Blizzard has just posted what is likely a teaser for it. While we can’t be sure what the mini-set’s exact theme is until full announcement, between some previous leaks (artists posted their mini-set pieces together with actual expansion artwork) and this teaser, it looks like Naxxramas is involved. It’s an iconic location, both in WoW and in Hearthstone.

In the teaser, it looks like Naxx is flying over Silvermoon City. It would make sense since March of the Lich King’s theme is Scourge vs Silvermoon, but we didn’t get too much actual fighting yet.

If we go with last year’s schedule (for Onyxia’s Lair mini-set), I expect an actual announcement to happen tomorrow, with the release next Tuesday (February 14). I’ll update you with more info once we’re sure.


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