Lore Of The Titans + Choose Your Titan Contest (Vote For Your Favorite Titan, Get Free Packs)

Blizzard has just published a long blog post focusing on Titan lore. Of course, it’s still all quite condensed compared to what you can read online, but I think that’s perfect if you just want to know the basics of the probably most important beings in Warcraft lore. You can read a general info about Titans, where they come from and why they’re important, and then a few sentences about each one. We also got a new, Hearthstone original Titan, which is pretty cool!

On top of that, once all Titans are revealed (I assume July 7), we have a new voting contest. Remember those “Choose Your Champion” from back in the day? We have something similar, but instead its a Titan popularity contest! Each week, you’ll be able to vote on your favorite Titan. Then Blizzard will pair them up randomly and the more popular one wins, getting to the next round. Each week you get a guaranteed TITANS card pack just for voting, an another one if your selection moves through (I’m pretty sure that people will just set it up to vote on the same Titan to get extra packs, but hey). There will be 3 rounds of voting, so you’ll get between 3 and 6 packs if you participate.

Check out the lore post and more info about Titan voting contest below:

Hearthstone’s next expansion, TITANS, is coming on August 1! The expansion features 11 new Titan minions, minions that use powerful abilities instead of their first three attacks. But who are the Titans and why do they warrant this exciting cycle of Legendary cards? Learn more in this special lore blog, ahead of more titan-tastic reveals and special community events!

What are Titans?

Azeroth is one of many worlds in the Warcraft universe. Many cosmic forces and mythical beings have influenced Azeroth and the many characters we know and love (and love to hate) in it. Legends tell us that the massive, godlike beings known as titans were formed from the primordial matter from which the cosmos was formed. Their spirits are said to be born as world-souls, formed within the fiery cores of distant planets, slumbering for untold ages. When they finally awaken, embodying the raw power of Order itself, these titans wander the distant corners of the Great Dark Beyond, searching for other world-souls that can be awakened to join their cause.

For our next expansion, Hearthstone is putting its own spin on World of Warcraft’s titan lore, inspired by established Warcraft stories and also creating some Hearthstone-specific aspects for our players to enjoy. We hope you enjoy this unique take on the stories of the titans.

In Hearthstone, the titans are represented by the Titan keyword. Minions with the Titan keyword have three powerful abilities that they use instead of their first three attacks. Each ability can only be chosen once, and once all three abilities are used, the Titan can attack normally. You can learn more about the Titan keyword here.

Meet the Titans


Nobody knows when or why the first titan awoke, but legends hold that his name was Aman’Thul. In time, he discovered other world-souls and nurtured them until they awakened and joined his cause. Aman’Thul is known as the Highfather. He leads the Pantheon of titans in their quest to nurture order in the universe.

In TITANS, Aman’Thul is the Priest Titan. He can provide a powerful swing turn or a ton of resources to out-value your opponents.

Sargeras, the Destroyer—Warlock

As the Defender of the Pantheon, Sargeras battled any threat to the Order of the cosmos. He spent millennia fighting the demons of the Twisting Nether and trapping them in a prison realm. But eventually Sargeras encountered something that terrified even the mighty titan; a world-soul corrupted by Old Gods from the Void. Rather than risk the world-soul awakening as a dark titan, Sargeras destroyed it.

The other titans opposed Sargeras’s actions, so he broke away from the Pantheon. He released the demons from their prison and turned them into his Burning Legion. Their new mandate: purge all existence from the cosmos rather than let it fall to the corruption of the Void!

In TITANS, Sargeras is the Warlock Titan. He has a special connection to the Twisting Nether and the demons within it.

Aggramar, the Avenger—Hunter

Aggramar was Sargeras’s Lieutenant and partner. Aggramar was the only titan who could match Sargeras’s fervor in fighting the demonic threat, and he witnessed the demons and the Void’s corruption first-hand. But when Sargeras abandoned the Pantheon, Aggramar stood with the other Titans against him. Aggramar felt the fight could still be won, and that there must be another way than Sargeras’s plan of eradication. Aggramar is now known as the most loyal and most powerful fighter in the Pantheon, and he leads their armies against demons and other enemies.

In TITANS, Aggramar is the Hunter Titan. He wields a powerful weapon and believes that offense is the best defense.

Eonar, the Life-Binder—Druid

Eonar is known as the Life-Binder, the physical manifestation of life, nature, and healing. She stands resolute in her belief that the Pantheon’s role is to protect and nurture life whenever possible. She was instrumental in the Pantheon’s decision to fight to save Azeroth from the Old Gods’ corruption, instead of destroying it. After the Old Gods were defeated, she blessed her keeper with the power to command the flora and fauna of Azeroth, and her power was later shared with the red dragon Aspect, Alexstrasza, who would adopt the Life-Binder title.

In TITANS, Eonar is the Druid Titan. Life springs from her every action as she provides you with nourishment and growth.


Khaz’goroth is known as the Shaper and Forger of Worlds for his mastery over the earth and forging. Khaz’goroth oversaw the creation of the titan-forged keepers and other early titan-forged that would come to inhabit Azeroth. He gifted the keepers his own hammer, a powerful relic considered part of the Pillars of Creation, which they used to shape the planet. Some of the titan-forged creations still have a particular affinity for Khaz’goroth, after whom the dwarves named their home Khaz Modan (“Mountain of Khaz”).

In TITANS, Khaz’goroth is the Warrior Titan. He’s tough and scrappy, and he outfits himself and your hero throughout the fight.


Norgannon is known for his intellect and mastery over Arcane magic. Aman’Thul tasked Norgannon with cataloging the magic in the universe, that it might be used to combat the demonic threat, and Norgannon’s vast knowledge made him the strongest magic user of the Pantheon. He bestowed Azeroth with technology and control over Arcane magic, including blessing Malygos as the blue Dragon Aspect. Knowledge and lore are his domain, and the titan-forged keepers created a powerful set of enchanted artifacts, called the Discs of Norgannon, which recorded the history of Azeroth.

In TITANS, Norgannon is the Mage Titan. His power doubles with each action, as his knowledge and mastery grows, providing increasingly potent disruption or finishing power as the game goes on.

Golganneth, the Thunderer—Shaman

Golganneth is the lord of skies and the roaring oceans. He is tasked with shaping the physical landscape of planets to meet the Pantheon’s goals. Though the Pantheon is devoted to order, the boisterous and aggressive Sea Giants are his dearest creations. His keeper, Thorim, is one of few pivotal figures in early Azerothian mythology.

In TITANS, Golganneth is the Shaman Titan. His explosive power can demolish his enemies or set up a shocking swing to turn the tides of the game.

V-07-TR-0N Prime—Rogue

V-07-TR-0N Prime is a Hearthstone twist on the lore of the keeper Mimiron, the great inventor. When the titans came to Azeroth, they brought powerful magic and ancient technologies to complete their goal. These advanced technologies were used to create great ancient cities and the titan-forged beings made of metal or stone. Some of the first titan-forged were selected to lead the rest and were imbued with some of the power and characteristics of the titans, their makers. These were the keepers.

Mimiron was blessed with intellect, magic, and invention. He created powerful enchanted bonds to contain the elemental lords, and the massive mechanical locks on the Old Gods’ prisons. He also designed the mechagnomes, who would help build and maintain the keepers’ massive machines, and who would later become the gnomes of Azeroth. His experiments with the titan-forged influenced the beings that would become the goblins.

In TITANS, V-07-TR-0N Prime is the Rogue Titan. His powers of invention are shared with your other minions, so when he upgrades himself, he strengthens your other minions at the same time!

Argus, the Emerald Star—Demon Hunter

Argus is the titan world-soul of the planet Argus. Sargeras discovered Argus’s young world-soul after Sargeras left the Pantheon. He found the planet to be inhabited by the eredar, a race and civilization far more intelligent and advanced than any other race Sargeras had encountered. Sargeras decided to make Argus part of his plot against the Pantheon.

That plan would involve Sargeras tricking the inhabitants of Argus to join his cause through promises of power. Then, he and his followers would torture the world-soul, infusing it with Death magic, eventually turning it into a “death titan” and using its power to control the Twisting Nether. At the time of TITANS, Sargeras’s plan is only just coming into focus—Argus is an uncorrupted titan, with the innate power of life and creation that all titans have. Will he survive the ordeal ahead of him?

In TITANS, Argus is the Demon Hunter Titan. His powers relate to life, death, and minion-based combat.

Amitus, the Peacekeeper—Paladin

Amitus is a new Hearthstone-specific titan. She keeps the peace between the other titans of the Pantheon as they pursue their individual ambitions. She’s the spokesperson for the weak and those without a voice. But when harmony is lost among the titans, she is known to disappear without warning. Even the most powerful within the Pantheon are not sure where she goes, or when to expect her return.

In TITANS, Amitus is the Paladin Titan. She is a stalwart defender, offering defense and value, but she’s also able to make your meeker minions get their turn to shine.

The Primus—Death Knight

The Primus is one of the rulers of the Shadowlands, the realm of death. He and the other rulers of the Shadowlands aren’t technically titans, but are a type of being called “Eternal Ones.” Together they form the “Pantheon of Death” that serves as a counterpart to the Pantheon of titans. The Primus has a deep knowledge of Rune magic and is a military tactical genius. He and his necrolords defend the Shadowlands from outside threats.

In TITANS, The Primus is the Death Knight Titan. He has no Rune requirements, but his runic mastery grants him synergies with every Death Knight Rune—how will you use this master strategist to turn the tides of your battles?

Reveal Calendar—Titans Week

Now that you know who they are, it’s time to see what they do. Eonar and Norgannon have already shown us their power, but we’re dedicating a whole week revealing all the remaining Titans! Follow the official Hearthstone social media accounts so you don’t miss a reveal.

  • July 3 – 10 a.m. (PDT): Aman’Thul (Priest)
  • July 3 – 11 a.m. (PDT): Aggramar, the Avenger (Hunter)
  • July 4 – 10 a.m. (PDT): Amitus, the Peacekeeper (Paladin)
  • July 4 – 11 a.m. (PDT): Khaz’goroth (Warrior)
  • July 5 – 10 a.m. (PDT): Argus, the Emerald Star (Demon Hunter)
  • July 5 – 11 a.m. (PDT): Golganneth, the Thunderer (Shaman)
  • July 6 – 7 a.m. (PDT): Sargeras, the Destroyer (Warlock)
  • July 6 – 11 a.m. (PDT): The Primus (Death Knight)
  • July 7 – 10 a.m. (PDT): V-07-TR-0N Prime (Rogue)

You can check the official Card Library for the full card reveal schedule and to see the cards that have already been revealed, with new cards daily!

Choose Your Titan, Earn Free Packs!

Once all the Titans have been revealed, you’ll be able to pledge your loyalty to your favorite Titan in our Choose Your Titan community event! Each week, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite Titan. Once the votes are tallied, the more popular Titans will move on to next week’s voting. Each week, you get one TITANS pack just for voting and an additional TITANS pack if your selection makes it to the next round.

All voting takes place on the special Choose Your Titan event page. Save the dates and bookmark the event page, so you don’t miss a vote:

  • Round 1: Voting July 7-10
  • Round 2: Voting July 12-17
  • Round 3: Voting July 19-24

Will the Pantheon get a new leader? Will Sargeras defeat the other Titans? Vote for your favorites and find out!

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