Leapfrogger Temporarily Disabled in Battlegrounds Due To Crashes (Update: And Deathwing)

One of the new minions added in the latest Battlegrounds rework – Leapfrogger – got temporarily disabled, because devs suspect that it might have caused crashes. The minion will most likely be back once the issue is resolved.

Leapfrogger has 3 attack and 3 healthGolden Leapfrogger health and attack are double, card text reads Deathrattle: Give a friendly Beast +4/+4 and this Deathrattle.

Update: Deathwing Hero also got disabled, because it caused crashes with the new Master Nguyen. Once it’s patched it will return to the pool.

Hey all,

We’re currently investigating crashes in Battlegrounds, which we suspect may be caused by Leapfrogger. We’ve disabled the minion for now while we continue to investigate and arrive at a solution. We’ll update here once we know more.

UPDATE 9/1: Deathwing has been temporarily removed from the Battlegrounds hero pool due to it causing crashes with the new Master Nguyen hero. We plan to return Deathwing to the hero pool once the issue has been patched. We will continue to update this post as we get more information.



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