(Theorycraftings Live!) Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary Community Day Twitch Drops & Whizbang’s Workshop Theorycrafting Streams

Update: Theorycrafting streams are now live, with two more Whizbang’s Workshop packs as Twitch drops! More info near the bottom of this post.

Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary is getting very close. Blizzard has already announced that March 11 will be another “Community Day” – those are the days with a lot of Twitch drops and giveaways. Up until now, we didn’t know exactly what drops we’ll get this time, but the game’s Community Manager RidiculousHat has just shown a full list. Additionally, he shared some information about the upcoming theorycrafting streams for Whizbang’s Workshop expansion.

Hearthstone Whizbang's Workshop expansion logo. Text reads: "Watch Hearthstone, earn rewards!" On the right are two blue and purple Whizbang's Workshop packs, with stars surrounding a center swirl. In the bottom-right corner is the Twitch logo.

The drops will be activated across the entire Hearthstone category at 10 AM PT / 18:00 CET on Monday (March 11) and last for 24 hours. You can watch any Hearthstone stream to earn them (you can also mix and match, you don’t have to stick to a single one). You need to watch for a total of 4 hours to get all ten drops. Here’s a full list:

  • 1x Festival of Legends Card Pack
  • 1x TITANS Card Pack
  • 1x Showdown in the Badlands Card Pack
  • 2x Whizbang’s Workshop Card Pack
  • 1x Golden Whizbang’s Workshop Card Pack
  • 2x Tavern TIcket
  • Epic Crystal Justice Battlegrounds Strike
  • Harth Battlegrounds Bartender

Usually, the drops are focused on Standard play, but this time they wanted to offer drops for different modes too (Arena, Battlegrounds) since it’s the 10th Anniversary celebration. Technically Tavern Tickets can be turned into packs from the latest expansion (with some minor extra Gold/Dust rewards) even if you don’t play Arena so that’s also useful for Constructed players.

The Hearthstone Whizbang's Workshop expansion logo on a background of Whizbang's Workshop itself. Text reads: "Theorycrafting Livestreams - Now Live!" along with the Twitch and YouTube logos. A banner at the bottom reads: "Twitch Drops Enabled"

Theorycrafting livestreams will start around the usual time – on Wednesday after the expansion patch (in this case 29.0), almost a week before actual expansion release. While no rules were shared, I assume that it’s the usual stuff – players will have to use at least 10 cards from the new expansion, meaning that the meta you see during theorycrafting will likely be quite different than the one you see once the game launches.

Twitch drops will also be active – you will be able to earn two more Whizbang’s Workshop card packs for watching.

We don’t have a full list of participating streamers, but I’m sure that those who are theorycrafting will announce it on their socials soon. Otherwise, you can just open Hearthstone category on theorycrafting day and you’ll know who’s playing.

Blizzard will also host another “TheoryCASTING” stream, where a few casters will jump between different theorycrafting streams and commentate on them. This is frankly my favorite way to experience theorycraftings, as they try to showcase as many different decks/matchups as possible.

All of the info above comes from the post made by RidiculousHat as well as other info I gathered online.

Hi all, Hat here. I’m here to tell you about next week’s Community Day and Theorycrafting drops on Twitch – I was under the (mistaken) impression that they’d be publicly visible on Twitch before the event, but since they won’t be, I wanted to make sure to communicate with you all directly ahead of time.

Here’s what you’ll receive on for 4 total hours of watch time starting at 10am PDT on Monday the 11th and running for 24 hours:
-1 Festival pack, 1 TITANS pack, 1 Badlands pack
-2 Whizbang packs
-1 *Golden* Whizbang pack
-2 Tavern tickets
-Epic crystal justice strike
-Harth bartender

There will also be two Whizbang packs during Theorycrafting on Wednesday the 13th as usual – that event starts at 9am PDT on Wednesday and also runs for 24 hours or so.

Community Day this expansion has some drops that we haven’t done in the past – but since it’s taking place on the actual Anniversary date, it felt important to make sure we held our Battlegrounds and Arena players in mind along with our normal pack drops.

I’m sorry for the error on my part with the incorrect assumption that you’d be able to see these more readily and hopefully this information helps. There will be a blog post on Monday with more information around the 29.0 patch and other things going on next week – keep an eye out for that. Thank you!



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