Hearthstone Patch 28.0.3 Teaser – Standard and Battlegrounds Balance Changes

Blizzard just posted images teasing the upcoming balance update. We suspected that it will drop this week, but we didn’t exactly know when and which cards will be affected. Now we do!

Until full patch notes release, we only know WHICH cards will get changed, not HOW! We know that full patch notes are coming tomorrow. Given that the notes usually drop an hour before the actual update, we should probably expect the update itself to also release tomorrow (although they might be reserving a chance to postpone it if something happens).

Until then, all we have is a list of affected cards:


Patch 28.0.3 Standard Balance Preview Encircled in red and under an "Down" arrow are: Blindeye Sharpshooter, Always a Bigger Jormungar, and Order in the Court. At the bottom, with an up and a down arrow are: Defense Attorney Nathanos and The Azerite Snake.


Neutral/Rework (?)


Battlegrounds also get quite a few changes, with 6 buffs, 5 nerfs, and 4 neutral changes/card reworks. We will see how are they going to affect the meta.

Patch 28.0.3 Battlegrounds Balance Preview Encircled in green and under an "Up" arrow are: Diremuck Forager, Gunpowder Courier, Tavern Tempest, Aggem Thorncurse, Captain Flat Tusk, and Rock Rock. Encircled in red and under an "Down" arrow are: Banana Slamma, Goldrinn the Great Wolf, Bassgill, Murky, and Motley Phalanx. At the bottom, with an up and down arrow are: Dancing Barnstormer, Flourishing Frostling, Carbonic Copy, and Mama Bear.


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  1. Strangiii
    November 28, 2023 at 5:10 am

    This will likely kill hound/cleave hunter while leaving each other hunter archetype working and making them more likely to rise again to the top.
    We will see likely only a small impact should they remove the card draw from “Order in the Court”, leaving room for other paladin archetypes to rise again to the top next to aggro paladin.
    DH will likely be super dead if they nerf the Naga as they did with the Siren in mage back then until they revert the Nerf in the future.
    The excavation warlock is already more or less dead, so we’ll see what the real nerf to the snake will do.
    As for Nathanos, I hope they make something fancy, so he can become a way to make the beast/deathrattle hunter more of an option.

  2. KonuTech
    November 27, 2023 at 12:32 pm

    It is about time