Hearthstone Patch 27.0.3 – Nerfs to Solid Alibi and Lab Constructor Coming Tomorrow

Blizzard has just posted a surprising patch teaser. They haven’t talked about any plans for balance changes this early, so most of the players assumed that none will happen. However, it looks like we were wrong.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 8) Blizzard will push out a small balance update nerfing two cards – Mage’s Solid Alibi and Rogue’s Lab Constructor. Those are some of the best performing cards in the meta right now, but they aren’t really on the very top. It’s interesting that they decided to leave Hunter as it is while nerfing other strong decks (Rainbow Mage and Mech Rogue). However, I think that the nerfs are not only about balance, but also about how those cards feel to play against. While Hunter is straightforward, those two decks (and cards in particular) are pretty uninteractive and lead to many situations where one player really can’t do anything to counter the other.

We don’t yet know HOW those cards will get nerfed, I assume that full patch notes will drop tomorrow.


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