Hearthstone Patch 23.2 Known Issues – Players Unable to Log-in, Upgrading To Golden & N’Zoth Event Visual Bugs

Update: The post got updated with some more post-launch issues.

Update #2: May 12 update, more known issues listed. Some of the previous ones were fixed in a hotfix.

Patch 23.2 has just launched, and Blizzard already posted a list of known issues for it. They are aware of those but didn’t manage to fix them in time.

For now, the two issues are with card upgrades to Golden (buttons are labeled incorrectly) and Mercenaries N’Zoth event timer. Both of those are visual-only, so they have no actual impact on those features.

The post will be updated as more issues are found (which will surely happen soon).

Hello all,

Follow this thread for information about known issues in Patch 23.2, launching today.

Patch 23.2 will be launching with the following known issues:

  • When viewing the normal (non-golden) version of a card when you have 1 normal and 1 golden, the Create/Upgrade message will ask if you want to “Create a new golden or Upgrade a normal?” That “Create” button will actually create a normal version, matching the Dust cost indicated. The text will be corrected in a future patch. In the meantime, the players can use the existing “Undo” function if they accidentally craft a different card or card version than intended.
  • The Mercenaries N’Zoth event timer will show that the new event “ends in 1 hr.” That is not correct and will be updated after the launch. The N’Zoth event will be available until Patch 23.4.
  • [NEW] The mobile patch launch will be delayed while the team works on the issues discovered with the desktop launch.

Post-launch issues:

  • [Updated 5/10]: The team is aware that some players are unable to login after the patch and being told they need to update. The team is working on a solution that they expect to implement soon. In the meantime, some players are reporting that they resolved the issue themselves by reinstalling the game client or repeatedly attempting to login.
  • [Resolved 5/10]: The team is tracking reports of players getting locked out when trying to complete the new Mercenaries Bounties. The team will be temporarily disabling the Darkshore zone while this issue is resolved.
  • [Added 5/10]: The team is investigating reports of Call of the Grave’s second effect not activating after the patch.
  • [Resolved 5/10]: The team is aware that Deck of Lunacy, Cheesemonger, Enchanted Cauldron, and a few other cards/effects that use the same tech are not functioning after the patch. The team is working on a solution.
  • [Updated 5/11]: The team is investigating reports of players unable to enter certain Bounties (such as the Mi’da Bounty as part of the N’Zoth event). It appears that this error happens when the Bounty was unlocked by defeating on the previous Bounty (or Bounties) only on Heroic. While the team works on a permanent solution, a workaround to this issue is to go back and defeat the preceding Bounty (or Bounties) on Normal and then return to the one you are unable to access.
  • [Added 5/11]: The team is aware that the frame rate dropdown can’t be fully utilized on some mobile devices.
  • [Added 5/11]: The team is aware that some Rexxar Mercenaries Portraits appear to have feigned death. The team is working on a fix for players who lost access to those Portraits to get them back. Any players who lost Rexxar Portraits from this bug and then received those same Portraits again before the bug is fixed will get awarded a different Rexxar Portrait with the bug fix (or, if all Rexxar Portraits are owned, Rexxar Coins).
  • [Added 5/12]: The team is investigating reports that some cards/effects are still causing disconnects after the patch.
  • [Added 5/12]: The team is investigating reports that Battlegrounds Ratings are not progressing as expected when playing in a lobby with friends.
  • [Added 5/12]: The team is aware that a small number of players are getting “Playful Sprites” when trying to login in 23.2 if they had the Random Card Back equipped prior to the patch. The team has identified the cause of that issue and is working on a resolution for a hotfix planned to come soon.
  • [Added 5/12]: The team is aware that the Mercenaries N’Zoth Event Task 6 is not progressing properly. The team has identified the cause of that issue and is working on a resolution for a hotfix planned to come soon.


5/10 Update:
The team is currently in the process of launching a server-side emergency hotfix that will include the following fixes:

  • Fixes a bug that caused Mercenaries crashes in the Darkshore zone. The Darkshore zone should now also be unblocked. Players who were already stuck in the Darkshore zone may need to retire their Bounty before they can continue.
  • Fixes a bug that was causing players to receive several notifications for Mercenary unlocks they already had.
  • Fixes the bug that broke Deck of Lunacy, Cheesemonger, Enchanted Cauldron, and cards with those similar effects.

The hotfix is expected to take a few hours to be distributed to all regions, but should update automatically when it hits your server. Separately, the team is still actively working on the Call of the Grave bug and the bug that is blocking some players from logging in.


5/11 Update:
The team has just released an update patch for desktop. The patch fixes the bog blocking some players from logging in because of an “account update.” The patch also fixes a bug that prevented privacy settings from saving across devices.

The update patch will be made available to mobile devices as it is approved on those mobile storefronts.


We will continue to update this post as we have more information to share.



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  1. Giorgiteditadia
    May 13, 2022 at 11:54 am

    I have bugs too, what I see are in mercenaries mode.
    My Ciriel Roam new portrait has gone… There is in the lobby but not while playing.

    The new type of types of equipment that I’ve got after the update does not affect the power of heros. In this case, too there are visible in the lobby but not while playing.

    Is any info about it?
    I am disappointed.

  2. Patras
    May 13, 2022 at 12:47 am

    grats blizzard broke hearthstoneacces im blind i can’t plaing hs.

  3. Sonriks6
    May 10, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    That’s burning players, always Bugs after patchs… They should have a closed beta test or something more consistent because this is unbelieble!

    • Pandamonium
      May 10, 2022 at 4:11 pm

      I agree that their standard for bugs on releases and overall in this game is abhorrent.

  4. PitLord
    May 10, 2022 at 11:23 am

    I’m stuck endlessly in the new bounty in mercenary mode, and i can’t reconnect.
    Stupid bugged company this is a GREAT BUG.