Hearthstone Is Officially Launching Its Content Creator Program

If you’re a Hearthstone content creator, you might be interested in this news. Blizzard is launching an official “Hearthstone Creator Program”, which gives participants extra opportunities, such as early access to new content, direct communication with dev team, giveaway codes, influencer merch and more.

There are four types of creators who can apply to the program right now – Streamers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and Social Media Influencers. You can find a list of “requirements” below:

At least 60% of content needs to be Hearthstone related. At least 5,000 YouTube subscribers. At least 200 CCV, if Live Streaming (Over 90 days).

At 70% of content needs to be Hearthstone related. Consistent uploads over the last 6 months. An active social media presence on at least one platform.

At least 30% of content needs to be Hearthstone related. Consistent uploads over the last 6 months (not Hearthstone related). Must be able to provide platform insights (over the last 90 days).

I said “requirements” because they’re pretty loose according to the program’s website. You can apply even if you don’t meet those requirements, but you think that you would fit right in.

More info about the program will be shared next week (February 1 at 6 PM PT / February 2 at 3 AM CET) on The Angry Chicken podcast. Hearthstone Community Manager Alkali will be a special guest talking details and answering questions.

Read more in the official blog post below:

Hearthstone’s fans and content creators are what make this game so special. So many passionate players make Hearthstone content every day. Even more fans are interested in getting into Hearthstone content creation and just don’t know where to start. Once players do get into content creation, they often want to know how they can get more involved in things like special events and giveaways.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new Hearthstone Creator Program to help Hearthstone Creators grow and get more opportunities to share their love of the game!

The new Creator Program website, includes creator guidelines and an application form to join our new Creator Program. Participants in the program get benefits like early information to help them make timely content, giveaway codes, event invites, and even cool merch!

Check out the Hearthstone Creator Program Agreement for details about program rules and eligibility. We have plans to expand Creator Program eligibility and scope in future updates, as the creator program grows.

For more information, catch The Angry Chicken podcast with a special guest appearance by Hearthstone Community Manager, Alkali, on February 1st at 6 p.m. Pacific.

Whether you’re a long-time content creator or just looking for guidelines to get started, there’s something there for you. So come check it out, give yourself something to aim for, and once you meet the target criteria, send us an application to join the Program!* There’s always more room by the hearth.

* We expect a lot of applications to this Program, especially in these early days of the Program’s launch, so please be patient and keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for a Community Manager to review and follow up on your application.

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