Hearthstone Caverns of Time Wild Expansion – Rest of the Set, Signature Cards, Battle-Ready Decks and More Details!

Blizzard just released a blog post with more details about Caverns of Time, including the rest of the cards. Patch 27.2 is releasing later today, and while it will contain all the card data, the cards themselves won’t be playable until a week from now (August 31).

Caverns of Time is the first-ever straight-to-Wild expansion. It contains 147 cards – 113 buffed reprints of older cards and 34 brand-new cards. The set will only be playable in Wild (and in other formats using Wild cards, like the upcoming Twist) – you can’t play those cards in Standard.

We already knew nearly all of the buffed reprints, but most of the new cards weren’t revealed yet – until now. Blizzard also showcased new Signature Cards – they took some of the most iconic cards from the period and gave them Signature versions.

Read more in the blog post below:

The Infinite Dragonflight is trying to change the timeline so that the Old God C’Thun wins the Battle of Ahn’Qiraj. The fate of the world—and all time—will soon be in your hands!

Caverns of Time includes 147 total cards: 34 brand new cards and 113 buffed reprints. There are also 15 Signature versions of iconic cards from the past that can be found in Caverns of Time packs! Caverns of Time is a set unlike any we’ve ever done before, and we’re excited to delve deep into its mysteries here.

Caverns of Time Available August 31, Just in Time for Twist!

Caverns of Time is launching on August 31, the day before the official launch of Twist! It’s important to note that Caverns of Time will not be legal in Standard when it launches. Instead, it’s Hearthstone’s first ever direct-to-Wild expansion, designed with Wild and Twist in mind.

When Twist launches on September 1, it will feature the Wonders format: a throwback to the early years of Hearthstone, including all expansions from Legacy (not Core) through Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, plus Caverns of Time.

34 New Cards!

Caverns of Time includes 34 all-new cards: 9 Common cards, 10 Rare cards, 8 Epic cards, and 7 Legendary cards. We were able to bend time and space to get you a sneak peek of these new cards before Caverns of Time arrives! Don’t be alarmed if things look a little different in this timeline; Caverns of Time travels back to before Death Knight and Demon Hunter were added to Hearthstone, so they’re sitting this set (and this first official Twist format) out.











 All 147 Caverns of Time cards, and their tokens and related cards, will be viewable in the Official Card Library once Patch 27.2 is live.

113 Buffed Reprints!

The other 113 cards in Caverns of Time are cards from the past, strengthened by the shifts in the timeline. Two of these cards had more extreme transformations than the rest. They were reshaped by the sands of time… or, as some might say, reworked.

See the 27.2 Patch Notes for a list of the other 111 reprinted cards and the buffs they’re getting. If you already have them, older versions of these reprints will update in your collection automatically with Patch 27.2, before the launch of Caverns of Time. You can use those buffed versions in Wild right away! Otherwise, you can pick them up in Caverns of Time packs, alongside the new cards.

Duplicate protection applies to both the original version and the Caverns of Time version of all 113 reprinted cards. That means that if you already have these cards from the original set that they appeared in, you won’t open them again in Caverns of Time packs until you have all cards of a given rarity from the Caverns of Time set – meaning that players who already have the reprinted cards will be able to get all the new cards even faster!

New Signature Art

3 Caverns of Time Signature Cards

Three cards in Caverns of Time will have new Signature Art: Aya Blackpaw, Don Han’Cho, and C’Thun!

These can be obtained from Caverns of Time packs, Wild Packs, and any products that grant cards that can be obtained in Caverns of Time packs. Aya Blackpaw and Don Han’Cho can also be obtained from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs, and C’Thun can be obtained from Whispers of the Old Gods packs.

12 More Signature Cards from the Past

The are also 12 additional Signature cards from the past that can appear in Caverns of Time packs!

Just like the other three Signature cards, these 12 Signature cards have also been added to their original sets’ packs, where applicable.* Although these Signature cards can be found in Caverns of Time packs, these cards are not part of Caverns of Time for purposes like Twist format legality. That also means they won’t appear in Caverns of Time packs in Regular or Golden versions, only in their Signature versions.

* For example, the new Signature Patches the Pirate can be found in Caverns of Time packs or in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs. But Sir Finley, Brann, and Reno are from an Adventure, so there is no old pack for them to be added to and they can only be found in Caverns of Time packs or in products that grant cards that can be found in Caverns of Time packs. Normal duplicate protection rules also apply to all Caverns of Time Signature cards, both in their original packs and in Caverns of Time packs.

Get Ready for Battle!

With the launch of Caverns of Time also comes a suite of Battle-Ready Decks for you to take into Twist or Wild, featuring returning cards and new Caverns of Time cards. There are individual complete Battle-Ready Decks (offered for in-game Gold or money); new Battle-Ready Bundles, offering three complete Battle-Ready Decks for a reduced price (Runestones or money); and new Lite Battle-Ready Decks that are just as competitive, but at a lower dust value and price (Gold or money). With all these options, there’s a weapon for everyone to jump right into battle!

That’s all for this time. Make sure you check out the Born to Be Wild podcast on August 22 for an exclusive developer interview with Matt London and Chadd Nervig to discuss Caverns of Time, Twist, and more. We look forward to seeing you in the Caverns!

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