Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5 Minion Reveals

Blizzard has just announced Season 5 of Battlegrounds! Patch 27.2 (coming on August 22) will contain a big Battlegrounds update, including a new anomaly system, 49 minion changes, and brand new Tier 7 minions (only available in certain matches).

All of the new minions have been revealed! Learn more about Battlegrounds Season 5 in 27.2 Patch Notes!

Card Reveals

Tier 7 Minions
















Removed: Sparring Partner, Vigilant Stoneborn, Qiraji Harbinger, Champion of Y’Shaarj, Spawn of N’Zoth, Lightfang Enforcer, Tortollan Blueshell






Removed: Scavenging Hyena, Rat Pack




Removed: Harvest Golem, Wargear, Annoy-o-Troupe, Cyborg Drake, Grease Bot, Mecha-Jaraxxus




Removed: Molten Rock, Crackling Cyclone, Felemental, Smogger, Upbeat Upstart, Magmaloc, Tavern Tempest






Removed: General Drakkisath, Cyborg Drake, Nadina the Red





Removed: Radio Star, Ghoul of the Feast, Plagued Tidewalker, Xylo-Bones, Colossus of the Sun





Removed: Prophet of the Boar, Thorncaller, Pufferquil



Removed: Mini-Myrmidon, Eventide Brute, Pufferquil




Removed: Upbeat Flutist, Plagued Tidewalker



Dual-Type Minions











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