Hearthstone 27.2.1 Patch Notes – Battlegrounds Hero & Anomaly Tweaks, Arena Microadjustments, Bug Fixes

Blizzard has just pushed out a mid-sized hotfix patch with updates to Battlegrounds, Arena and bug fixes.

In Battlegrounds, we have some Hero Armor updates (a few nerfs and buffs) and Anomaly tweaks. In Arena, we have a new round of microadjustments, including the TITANS card no longer having an offering bonus. We also got some bug fixes, such as the interaction between Fate Splitter and From De Other Side and lots of Battlegrounds issues.

The patch is server-side so you don’t need to download anything.

Check out full patch notes below.

Patch 27.2.1 is a server-side hotfix patch, launching today, with the following updates and bug fixes.

Battlegrounds Updates

Armor Updates
The following heroes now have less Armor:

  • Shudderwock has 5 Armor at higher ranks, still has 10 Armor at lower ranks.
  • Infinite Toki has 7 Armor.
  • Forest Warden Omu and Kurtrus Ashfallen have 8 Armor.
  • Inge, the Iron Hymn has 8 Armor at higher ranks, still has 6 Armor at lower ranks.
  • Dinotamer Brann has 12 Armor.

The following heroes now have more Armor:

  • Bru’kan and Ozumat have 15 Armor.
  • Sneed has 17 Armor.
  • Guff Runetotem, Jandice Barov, Sindragosa, and Skycap’n Kragg have 18 Armor.

Anomaly Updates

  • The Fortitude of Khaz’goroth, Denathrius’s Anima Reserves, A Faire Reward, and Oops, All ____! Anomalies will all appear less frequently.
    o Sire Denathrius, Shady Aristocrat, Denathrius’s Anima Reserves, and Echoes of Argus have been returned to their respective pools.
  • The Bring in the Buddies and False Idols Anomalies will appear more frequently.
  • Menagerie Mug, Menagerie Jug, Reef Explorer, and Living Constellation have been removed from the Minion Pool in Oops, All ____! Anomaly games.
  • Treasure Seeker Elise has been removed from the Minion Pool in A Faire Reward Anomaly games.

Arena Updates
Arena offering rates have been adjusted.

  • TITANS cards no longer have an offering bonus.
  • Class cards across all classes will appear less frequently.
  • Specific outlier cards have been adjusted to make Warlock, Shaman, and Death Knight less powerful, and to make Demon Hunter, Paladin, Druid, and Priest more powerful.

Bug Fixes

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Fate Splitter always gave From De Other Side when summoned by it. Now, if Fate Splitter attacks a minion and dies from that combat, it will give that minion; it will still give From De Other Side if it dies from From De Other Side’s effect.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Y’Shaarj’s Embrace Your Rage hero power only worked from the Y’Shaarj player’s perspective, not their opponent’s.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where the Echoes of Argus Anomaly only worked from on player’s perspective, not their opponent’s.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where some cards had the wrong stats with the Golden Arena Anomaly active.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Ice Block could be offered multiple times in games where the A Faire Reward Anomaly was active.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Baby Kodo didn’t refresh the lobby with a Tier 7 minion (only applicable in games where the Secrets of Norgannon Anomaly is active).
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Magnetic minions buffed by the Champion of Sargeras Anomaly wouldn’t keep their buff when Magnetizing.
  • [Battlegrounds] Emergent Flame’s bonus now resets at the start of your next shop phase, instead of the end of your shop phase.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed various bugs causing disconnects and performance issues.



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