Hearthstone 26.4.2 Patch Notes – Small Hotfix With Battlegrounds & Duels Changes + Bug Fixes

Blizzard has just pushed out a small hotfix patch. It’s mostly focused on Battlegrounds with a bunch of minor balance changes in form of Armor updates. Those rarely make a huge difference, but they’re a good fine-tuning tool for outliers.

There’s a small Duels update with a bunch of overperforming cards getting banned from deck building and all card pools, which should make early drafts more balanced.

And finally, we got a few bug fixes, including one to the “Doin’ Somethin’ Unholy” event Quest that didn’t count its progress.

Check out full patch notes below:

Patch 26.4.2 is a server-side hotfix patch rolling out now with the following game updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Updates
The following heroes now have less armor:

  • Cookie the Cook now has 6 Armor
  • Inge, the Iron Hymn now has 6 Armor, and 8 Armor at higher levels
  • Murloc Holmes now has 8 Armor
  • Rock Master Voone now has 10 Armor, and 8 Armor at higher levels
  • Tamsin Roame now has 12 Armor

The following heroes now have more armor:

  • Cap’n Hoggar now has 15 Armor
  • Galakrond now has 16 Armor
  • Alexstrasza now has 17 Armor
  • Zephrys, the Great now has 18 Armor
  • Illidan Stormrage now has 20 Armor

Duels Updates

  • Daring Fire-Eater, Amplified Snowflurry, Popular Pixie, Felfire Deadeye, Waterboy, Idol’s Adoration, Sneaky Scout, and Fanottem Lord of the Opera are now banned from deckbuilding and all card pools.

Bug Fixes

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where playing too many Concoctions while holding a Shadow of Demise could cause server issues and disconnects.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Golden Tough Tusk would not regain Divine Shield if a Blood Gem was played on it during combat.
  • [Progression] Fixed a bug where the “Doin’ Somethin’ Unholy” Event Quest was not progressing.



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  1. Drfury
    June 10, 2023 at 8:13 pm

    Arranna is bugged…it now takes 11 refreshes.