Hearthstone 25.2.1 Patch Notes – Battlegrounds, Arena & Duels Updates + Bug Fixes

Blizzard has just dropped patch notes for 25.2.1 update which is being rolled out right now. It’s a pretty big one – mostly related to Battlegrounds, but has some changes for other game modes and bug fixes too. It’s a server-side hotfix, so you don’t need to download anything.

In Battlegrounds, previously bugged Heroes alongside Murozond (minion) have returned to the pool. We also have some Armor and Putricide’s Hero Power adjustments.

In Arena, Malignant Horror is no longer draftable (it was one of the strongest Death Knight cards and it has no Rune requirement so any build could pick it up). We also have some microadjustments for Warrior and Hunter, buffing those two classes (not sure why they decided to leave out Paladin, which is probably the worst class in Arena right now).

In Duels, Tome Tampering and Shockspitter got banned from deck building and card buckets and Cold Feet Pact passive was moved to Ultra Rare pool.

We also have a bunch of bug fixes, mostly on the previously reported issues like the new Demon Hunter skin (Omen) Hero power problem or Sunfury Clergy having Rush, but also some new ones – mostly Battlegrounds-related.

Check out full patch notes below:

We’re in the process of rolling out Patch 25.2.1, a server-side hotfix patch with the following updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Updates

  • Scabbs Cutterbutter, Tess Greymane, Illidan Stormrage, and Tamsin Roame have been returned to the Hero Pool.
  • Murozond has been returned to the Minion Pool.
  • Wasteland Assassin and Devourer of Souls have been removed from the Professor Putricide Hero Power pools. Possessive Banshee, Handless Forsaken, and a new minion, Cursed Shadow, are being added to the Hero Power pools.
    • Cursed Shadow is a Tier 5, 7/5 Undead with Stealth.
    • Dev Comment: Cursed Shadow is only being added to the Professor Putricide Hero Power pool, not the general Minion Pool.
  • The following heroes have less armor:
    • Galakrond and Infinite Toki have been moved to Armor Tier 1 (0 Armor).
    • Drek’Thar, Greybough, and Heistbaron Togwaggle have been moved to Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor).
  • The following hero has more armor:
    • Pyramad has been moved to Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor).

Arena Updates

  • Malignant Horror can no longer be drafted.
  • Warrior and Hunter have had the draft appearance rates of some high performing cards increased.

Duels Updates

  • Tome Tampering and Shockspitter have been banned from both deck building and card buckets.
  • The Cold Feet Pact passive treasure has been moved from Pool 2 to Pool 2 Ultra Rare.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where the new Omen Demon Hunter Hero Skin’s Hero Power could not be upgraded through effects like Baku the Mooneater.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Sunfury Clergy unintentionally gained Rush.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Discover effects could sometimes Discover non-Battlegrounds cards.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Sinrunner Blanchy could gain infinite Reborn under certain circumstances.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Putricide’s Creation could be tripled under certain circumstances. The triples were failed experiments that lost some of their combined powers; it’s better these Creations remain unable to be tripled.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where a Corpse Refiner made golden by Greta Gold-Gun would not sell for the right amount of Gold.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where a minion that received Reborn from Baltharak (one of the tokens generated by Mecha-Jaraxxus) would lose Reborn if tripled.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where the Hematology Hero Power always assumed the player had 3 unspent Corpses if the player had any.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where the Hematology Hero Power could hit 0-Cost cards in your hand.
    • [Solo Content] Fixed a bug where a card adjustment to Forsaken Lieutenant made one of the Book of Mercenaries encounters impossible to complete.


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