Hearthstone 23.4.1 Hotfix – Bioluminescence & Snapdragon Bugs Fixed

Hearthstone’s latest Patch 23.4 has released on Wednesday, but it came with some quite serious bugs. Probably the two worst ones were related to Bioluminescence and Snapdragon cards. Previously, Bioluminescence gave double spell damage (+2 to each minion instead of +1), making the late game combos quite silly. Snapdragon, on the other hand, buffed EVERY Battlecry card – including Hero cards and weapons. So if you gave your Hero let’s say +2 Attack with Snapdragon, it could attack for 2 every single turn for the rest of the game.

The hotfix also tackled some smaller bugs, you can read the full notes below. It’s a server-side update, so you don’t need to download anything.

We are currently in the process of deploying hotfix patch 23.4.1, a server-side hotfix, that will include the following updates:

  • Fixes bugs with Bioluminescence and Snapdragon not working as written.
  • Adds Colossal minions into the random pool for certain cards that generated options from a random pool, such as Elise Starseeker’s Golden Monkey.
  • Fixes the bug where the Mercenaries story task, “Whispers of the Old Gods: Task 4” had completion criteria that didn’t match its text.
  • Fixes a bug causing favorite card back selections to not display.


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  1. Ryguy511
    June 3, 2022 at 5:38 pm

    bro it was way worse than just attacking for 2 every turn, it gave them thorns