How-to Beat Zentimo Guide – Rumble Run – Tips & Tricks, Shrines, Decks, Teammates

Zentimo is one of the nine bosses you will face in the Rumble Run! Learn some tips and tricks on how-to defeat him, a list of his shrines, and the cards he’ll be using to try and take you down!

How Rumble Run Bosses Work

In the Rumble Run, you will face eight different bosses out of a total of nine. Why is it eight? Because once you pick a shrine, you will not fight against that team/class. So, if you pick a Rogue Shrine, you will not face off against the leader of the Gral’s Sharks, Captain Hooktusk.

These bosses will be thrown at you at random. Each time you play, you will face a different order of bosses. That means the difficulty of each boss varies depending on what position you face them. If you fight them early on in the Rumble, they will be a lot easier than they would be if you faced them last.


Zentimo is the leader of the Shaman team called Krag’wa’s Frogs.

Masters of Voodoo. The Frogs are brilliant spellcasters, but they’re all a little…odd. They worship frogs, they use frogs in their magic. The Frogs… love frogs. And Lightning.

Zentimo’s Shrines

Each time you face Zentimo he will be using one of the following Shrines. These are the same Shrines you will get the option of using when you start up a new run.

Zentimo’s Cards

We’ll add more possible cards in the future, but these are some the unique to Rumble Run cards you will be playing against!

  • Croak JousterBattlecry: Discover a spell. If you’re Overloaded, keep all 3.
  • Deepsea DiverStart of Game: Draw this. Battlecry: Unlock your Overloaded Mana Crystals.
  • Leap FrogBattlecry: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy minion. If it dies, repeat this.
  • Overcharged Totem: After you Overload, deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.
  • Naga TonguelasherBattlecry: Overload 3 of your opponent’s Mana Crystals.
  • War HeralderRush. Overkill: Add 3 random Shaman spells to your hand.

How-to Defeat Zentimo – Tips & Tricks

As with the rest of the bosses, the shrine is an important part of defeating the boss, especially in later stages of a run. Although Krag'wa's Lure and Tribute from the Tides are both really good, they are also easy to take out. Krag'wa's Grace, on the contrary, has 10 health, which makes it especially dangerous in earlier stages, since it can be difficult to remove, allowing the boss to snowball really quickly.

General Strategy

The desk is mostly aggro, revolving around the use of murlocs to flood the board and rush you down, with the help of a good amount of Shaman spells. Your first priority should always be to take down the enemy shrine, especially if it is Krag'wa's Grace or Tribute from the Tides, as they can snowball the game rather quickly. It can be a good idea to go for an early-game high-tempo deck, such as hunter, where you can have access to Hunter's Mark for early-game removal.

  • Krag'wa's Grace: This one is the hardest shrine to remove, boasting a staggering 10 health points. Hunter's Mark and Equality and Sap are really good to have.
  • Krag'wa's Lure: This should be the easiest of the 3, as it just reduces the time you have available, but changes nothing about your game plan.
  • Tribute from the Tides: Another tricky shrine, this one can help the boss flood the board quicker, which may require AoE, instead of single-target removal, to fight against.

As an aggro deck, your goal should be dealing with the enemy’s board, while using cards like Fal'dorei Strider to develop your own. The deck does not run too many high-cost cards, but be careful of Big Bad Voodoo, as it can create quite a havoc.

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