Galakrond’s Awakening Meta Decks (Week 4) – Best Hearthstone Pro & Streamer Deck Lists For All Classes

Chapter 4 (final) of Galakrond’s Awakening is coming out later today! After it’s out and pro players / streamers start testing new decks (usually within few hours), we’ll start adding them here!

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8 new cards are getting released in this chapter, for a grand total of  35 cards. Yep, all of the Galakrond’s Awakening cards will be out today! If you want to read about archetypes that are getting support this week and that might potentially see more play after eight new cards release, check out our Chapter 4 Preview!

New Cards Released This Week

Unlike Week 1, no content is free this time around. You have to buy everything. Keep in mind that you DON’T have to pay 700g or $7.99 per side – buying it once will give you both sides.

League of E.V.I.L. Side:

League of Explorers Side:

Galakrond’s Awakening Week 4 Deck Lists

We’ll be featuring a bunch of Galakrond’s Awakening decks from pros & streamers. Keep in mind that the early meta can be volatile, not as much as when the full expansion releases, but still. A certain deck working quite well right after the release of new cards (when players haven’t figured out what’s best yet) doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stay as a part of the meta. Since it’s the last chapter and we most likely won’t get more content this expansion (unless we’ll need a nerf patch), the meta should settle in a week or so.











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  1. Nickus89
    February 13, 2020 at 12:40 am

    I am just patiently waiting for players to realise just how good Escaped Manasaber is in Embiggen druid.
    There are quite few very solid cards in this last wing that fit perfectly into already existing decks.

    • Tombstone
      February 13, 2020 at 1:37 am

      That´s very right. I am not the Deck Explorer and I am waiting too für Deck´s which include some of the new cards. Like Lackey Archetypes, Demon Walrlock with the new cards or Beast Druid and Hunter. Some decks should be very interesting and would feeling fresh. I think many more is possible to play a constistant deck with new cards and Meta viable and useful.

      • Nickus89
        February 13, 2020 at 2:15 am

        I am on the contrary. I love deck building process and I always try to come up with some improvements over meta or with counters to meta.
        So far, I tried Manasaber (in embiggen druid), The Amazing Reno (in highlander mage) and Grand Lackey Erkh (in lackey dragon handlock). So far it seems all cards at least somehow improve the deck, with Manasaber being the most impressive. Playing it on 4 mana means that you can play your 6 mana dragons on 5. In addition 4+6 = 10, which completes the sidequest instantaneously.

        It feels like there are quite few decks left to be discovered in this meta. From viability and versatility standpoint, we are in a very solid meta. A lot of decks are at least somewhat viable in at least upper tier 3 territory. Almost every class has a very decent option. The only problem is fun aspect of the meta. There is way too much randomness involved and there is too much aggro going on for my taste (I really dislike uninteractive decks with low skill level, where players decisions don’t matter). But that is just my opinion.

  2. Raymoney
    February 12, 2020 at 11:50 pm

    Highlander Hunter and Rogue still very strong… Versatility wins…

  3. Sonriks6
    February 11, 2020 at 8:46 am

    Il be testing Lackey Warlock with Erkh / Tekahn / Barista with standard Handlock list. Maybe Lackey Rogue later.