Galakrond Armor Bug Hotfixed, Micro Mummy Returning in Next Major Update

We’ve got two quick updates for you:

First – Galakrond’s Armor bug just got fixed. Ever since the last patch, Galakrond bugged out to change your Armor’s display to 5 and it would stay there even after you took more damage (but only visually – in reality, you would keep taking damage and could die). Interestingly enough, the bug has lead to some missed lethals during the last Masters Tour, so I can imagine that LOTS of players were confused on the ladder.

Another bit is that Micro Mummy won’t make it back to Battlegrounds yet – it seems that the bug was too difficult to fix for some reason and the card will only come back with the next major update. Based on the previous patch schedules, it should be the 18.4 patch a few weeks from now, hopefully with a Hallow’s End event.

Hey everyone,

We’re currently deploying a hotfix that addresses the following:

  • Fixed a visual bug where armor totals would not update properly after playing Galakrond.

This is a server-side fix, so you won’t need to download anything if you’ve already updated to 18.2.


Hey! We’re planning for Micro Mummy to return to Battlegrounds in our next major update.



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