Fire Festival Coming July 6 – Battlegrounds Cosmetics, Legendary Quests, Druid of the Flame Malfurion Skin, Major Battlegrounds Rework In Future Patch

This year’s Fire Festival event has just been announced and there’s a lot to unpack! It will launch next week (July 6) and last all the way until July 27. Here’s a summary of everything coming during the event:

  • Legendary Quests – There will be a total of 7 Legendary Quests. After you complete each, the next one will get unlocked. First six Quests reward Year of the Phoenix Pack, and last one a brand new Druid of the Flame Malfurion alternate Hero skin for Druid.
  • Event Tavern Brawls – We’ll get two Fire Festival-themed Tavern Brawls on July 7 and July 14.
  • Eternal Flame Bundle – Players will be able to purchase a bundle with more Fire Festival-themed Hero skins (Hunter, Paladin, Shaman) + a Ragnaros card back.
  • Battlegrounds Cosmetics – Battlegrounds game mode is finally getting cosmetics! The first batch of cosmetics goes live on July 27 with Beach Party & Shadowlands Bundles. They come with skins for multiple Battlegrounds Heroes. Beach Party bundle also comes with an alternate Battlegrounds bartender – Tikilord Ragnaros. Players will be able to select him instead of Bob and get a new portrait with full voiceover (maybe he’ll also root for you – we’ll see).

While not a part of Fire Festival event, a major Battlegrounds was announced. It will come in “an upcoming content patch”. It’s not specified when – but if I had to guess, it will probably be Patch 21.2 – X.2 patches usually come roughly a month into expansion and include a big Battlegrounds content update.

The patch will not only add new Heroes, but include a massive rework of all minions types. Devs are going to swap 30 existing minions with new ones to better emphasize gameplay fantasy of each minion type. For example, Pirates will get a bigger focus on amassing Gold and treasures. We should hear more about those changes closer to release.

Read more in the official blog post below:

The Fire Festival is back! This year, Ragnaros is throwing a house party in the Firelands. Everybody’s invited! The Fire Festival will last for three weeks, from July 6 at 10:00 AM PT to July 27 at 10:00 AM PT. Here are some of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy during that time, and some other fun stuff that’s on the horizon:

Legendary Quests

There will be 7 Legendary Fire Festival quests in addition to your normal daily quests. Complete one Legendary quest to unlock the next one! The first six quests will each reward you with a Year of the Phoenix pack, and the last quest will grant you a Druid of the Flame Malfurion Hero skin! These quests will only be granted until 10:00 AM PT on July 27, so don’t show up too late!

Druid of the Flame Malfurion

The Fire Festival Returns to its Roots!

Ragnaros' Fire Festival Tavern Brawl

July 7 – Ragnaros’ Fire Festival Tavern Brawl

Ragnaros has thought it over and decided that there’s nothing more Fire Festival than the Ragnaros’ Fire Festival tavern brawl. Construct a deck to face your opponent while Mini-Rag wreaks havoc on both players! You know, classic house party behavior. Feed Mini-Rag to charge up your emotes with festive fireworks!

Updated Burndown Brawl

July 14 – (Updated) Burndown Brawl

We’ve also updated the Burndown Brawl for a new take on another classic! This time, it’s The Duelist Burndown, and every deck borrows Treasures and a special Hero Power from Duels! Take control of a random deck and the loser of each game will be given their opponent’s deck for the next one. In the end, one deck will emerge as the most dominant of all!

More Fiery Looks with the Eternal Flame Bundle

Malfurion’s not the only one who has picked up a new look in the Firelands! The Eternal Flame Bundle offers the hot new Flamewalker Rexxar and Righteous Inferno Uther hero skins, as well as the Ragnaros card back and alternate Shaman hero! How handsome! The Eternal Flame Bundle will be available from July 6 to July 20, and is limited to one per account.

Eternal Flame Bundle is a scorcher

The Afterparty!

July 27 – The Party Continues with Battlegrounds Cosmetics!

Right after the Fire Festival ends, we’re moving the party over to Battlegrounds! The first-ever Battlegrounds cosmetics go live on July 27 with the Battlegrounds Bundle: Beach Party! The Beach Party includes beach party themed skins for seven different Battlegrounds heroes, as well as the Tikilord Ragnaros alternate Bartender. Tikilord Ragnaros includes a new portrait AND NEW VOICELINES FOR YOUR BATTLEGROUNDS BARTENDER! AMAZING!

Lots of Battlegrounds cosmetic Hero Portraits coming down the road!

Don’t let the party die! Or do. You can also pick up Battleground Heroes: Shadowlands for eight more Battlegrounds hero skins, based on Warcraft’s afterlife. Grab either set, or both, and personalize your Battlegrounds experience to whatever strikes your fancy.

Shadowlands Battlegrounds cosmetic skins are coming down the road as well.

Stay tuned for more Battlegrounds cosmetics, including more alternate Bartenders and more Hero skins, throughout the year!

Next Major Battlegrounds Update

Finally, looks aren’t the only thing being updated in Battlegrounds! In an upcoming content patch, Battlegrounds will get all-new heroes and undergo a major rework of all minion Types. We will be swapping out over 30 existing minions for new ones specifically designed to play off the core fantasy of that Type and re-emphasize how the Types play, giving the entire mode a massive refresh! For instance, Pirates will have a bigger emphasis on amassing Gold and treasure, with new cards like Briny Bootlegger and Nosy Looter.

Briny Bootlegger is a tier 3 pirate Battlegrounds minion with 4 attack and 4 health that reads at the end of your turn, if you have another pirate, add a gold coin to your hand. Briny Bootlegger tripled is an 8/8 that reads at the end of your turn, if you have another pirate, add 2 gold coins to your hand.

Nosy Looter is a tier 6 7 attack 6 health pirate Battlegrounds minion that reads every two turns, add a random Golden minion to your hand. Nosy Looter tripled is a 14/2 that reads at the start of your turn, add a random golden minion to your hand.

Keep an eye out for more about the changes that will be coming to Battlegrounds as we get closer to the launch.


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  1. Loki777
    July 1, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Why give Rexxar another flame themed skin?
    Fire spec Jaina or Destruction spec Gul’dan would of been better I think.

    • Loki777
      July 1, 2021 at 11:30 am

      Forgot they’re already was a fire mage Jaina at 1,000 wins maybe a burning blade version of Garrosh instead

  2. WingedCastaway
    July 1, 2021 at 10:44 am

    I was stoked about the Druid skin, then I realized it’s not Fandral Staghelm, it’s just Edgy Malfurion™. Still looks great, but missed opportunity I feel!

    • Loki777
      July 1, 2021 at 11:07 am

      Totally agree. I was just about to leave the same comment.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      July 1, 2021 at 1:27 pm

      Yeah, I’m not sure why they still keep pumping “alternative” version of basic Heroes when there’s so many more they could pick. Like Fandral would be much better for this theme than Malfurion.

      It still looks great, don’t get me wrong, but Fandral would be even better.

      • WingedCastaway
        July 1, 2021 at 2:36 pm

        Glad to see we agree. I’m not sure why they do this, but I’m thinking maybe it’s because this isn’t a paid skin?

    • Cilan
      July 1, 2021 at 7:17 pm

      I’d be down for a Fandral skin.