Festival of Legends Hearthstone Theorycrafting Streams Are Live – Get Two Free Packs from Twitch Drops

Festival of Legends expansion launches next week (on April 11), and just like always, certain content creators got invited to playtest the expansion ahead of time. Community generally has mixed feelings about those – on the one hand, it’s fun to watch new cards in action, but on the other hand, it spoils what decks might potentially be viable. Not to a great extent, given that the sample size is very small + there are some deck building restrictions, but still.

Talking about deck building restrictions – invited players have to run at least 10 Festival of Legends cards. It means that even if they play older archetypes, they need to modify them heavily. That’s the reason why the results of playtesting aren’t always the same as the actual meta that is going to form. Decks from previous expansions that would only require 3-4 new cards, for example, are excluded, and they might turn out to be much stronger than completely new archetypes.

Still, if you’re interested, you can watch them play right now, as they just went live. You can find a list of qualified creators below – including our very own Old Guardian! And even if you aren’t particularly interested in theorycrafting, you might be interested in free card packs. Twitch Drops are active during the course of the event. Watch any Hearthstone stream (not just the theorycrafting ones, but those will for sure activate the drops) for an hour to get one Festival of Legends card pack, watch for another hour for a second.

Also, if you’d rather watch APAC streamers instead of NA/EU ones, their portion of the theorycrafting event will start tomorrow!


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