Festival of Legends Expansion Card Reveal Season Starts on Friday (March 17)

Festival of Legends, the latest Hearthstone expansion, was announced today. A total of 18 cards (out of 145) were revealed on day 1. But it looks like we won’t have to wait long to see more of them.

Card reveal season will start on March 17 and go until March 29. At least that’s the info we have so far – the card reveal schedule tends to be updated many times throughout the reveal season. But it would make sense timing-wise, that’s how long most of the recent reveal seasons have lasted.

It looks that cards will once again be revealed in “packages” instead of the individual reveals. It means that we have fewer separate reveals, but each one will contain more cards on average.

We’ll cover all of the cards as they’re revealed, so stay tuned!

Reveal times below are in CET. To see them in your own time zone, check out the official card library.


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