Diablo Is Now Live In Battlegrounds For The Next 72 Hours!

Just like announced in 25.4 Patch Notes, Diablo is now back in Battlegrounds for a limited time (June 5-7). The Hero will appear in every game during that period (assuming someone picks him, that is). After that, he will go back to hell.

Here’s how the Hero works: Every four turns, all players are forced to fight Diablo. Diablo gets an extra minion during that combat and only takes damage from his “main” opponent. For every opponent Diablo beats, a special treasure is added to his hand. Those treasures only affect the next combat after you play them, so you might want to save them until the next forced fight to ensure that you get even more stronger treasures.

The last time Diablo was available in Battlegrounds was during United in Stormwind expansion. The community was very divided on the Hero and Blizzard removed him after 4 weeks. In general, it seems like more casual players enjoyed him, while the competitive ones hated him a lot. Anyway, I don’t expect Diablo to be as controversial this time around because he’ll only be playable for three days.

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The lord of terror is back for a limited time! From June 5-7, Diablo will be available in every game, before he is removed from the hero pool once again.

Diablo (10 Armor)

  • Realm of Terror
    • [Passive] Every 4 turns, ALL enemies fight the Lord of Terror and your warband for loot.



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