Wild Giants Mage – KFT

Class: Mage - Format: wild - Type: control - Season: season-45 - Style: fun

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With the wild meta pretty much being overrun by the Naga Sea Witch + Giants combo, I decided to bring it to the Mage class! Basically, the dream turn is Naga Sea Witch into a bunch of giants, followed up by Echo of Medivh to ruin your opponents hopes and dreams. The play style of the deck is similar to freeze mage:  you just try to control the board, freeze enemy minions, and draw a bunch of cards. If you manage to have duplicate in hand, try to combo it with one of the giants. Healbot is a great healing mechanic, and can be duplicated if necessary; otherwise, avoid doing so. Considering how slow the the meta is right now, this deck might actually be viable! It’s mostly just a fun deck, so don’t expect overwhelming win rates with it. 

Also, please leave any suggestions if you have any!

Thanks! – Tom

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