Class: Demon Hunter - Format: phoenix - Type: tempo - Season: season-78 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

  1. Battlefiend, Demon Companion, Spirit Jailer, Bonechewer Brawler, Umberwing
  2. IF got #1 THEN Beaming Sidekick, Guardian Augmerchant (Don't gamble with buffers and nothing to buff)
  3. IF going 2nd and against aggro, keep Twin Slice for tempo swing
  4. IF got Umberwing THEN Satyr Overseer, it's juicy

After enjoying the more typical controllish “Souls” DH for a fair bit last season (and the old grindy “hit face very many times with glaves” control version last set) , I wanted to try something more aggressive and took this list to EU legend in two evenings.

I was curious about how the Souls deck wins the game in general, bit of nibbling with critters and then a few meaty big hits with Marrowslicer and Soulshard Lapidary. This can fail to a few well placed taunts or a pile of armor, so I wanted to finish the game before we got there.

Some notes:

  • No Skull, often requires setup and usually causes loss of tempo. Rather have my big card win the board or the game.
  • Voracious Reader, I dumped all the usual cycle and draw maximize aggression and tempo. With high pressure and multiple “must kill” targets it can net very high value.
  • “But what if you don’t have souls in deck for on-curve Lapidary?” seemed rather in line with “What if you don’t have a weapon equipped for on-curve Adept?” Didn’t seem to be an issue, usually you’ll fit a Jailer or Slicer in somewhere in there.
  • Priestess of Fury is hot.
  • If you drop Kayn for another Priestess the deck is also dirt cheap to build.

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